Been a life long pursuit. Hope you like it. Painted the room myself.

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    • Mogami 3104
    Speaker cable that I finished myself.
    • Klipsh Moded surrounds from For Ever ago.
    • Vandersteen Model 3 Signature
    If you know about these already, then there’s really nothing to say. If you don’t, check them out!
    • Schiit Audio Modi Multibit
    Recent purchase and can’t believe it took me so long!
    • Cambridge Audio Azur 650bd
    Again, had this for a while. Have a decent collection of SACD and DVD Audio.
    • Marantz SR-7010
    Run surround and movies.
    • Rogue Audio Perseus
    Got new tubes recently and the thing just sings now. It about 8 years old.
    • Project Debut Carbon
    Upgraded to Blue 2m
    • Rotel RB-981 (bridged x 2)
    Had these for ever. One of them purchased here.
    • KEF Q9c
    Again, had this for ever.

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Looks great!


Great system! Lots of proven winners here, I bet it does you quiet well.

Also, I too cannot help but notice the bottle collection. What a great combo!


LOVE that Lagavulin 16.


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