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Dimensions: 12’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Spendor A4
    • Belles Aria
    • PS Audio DirectStream DAC
    (Bridge II)
    • Technics SL1200G
    • Gold Note PH10
    • Gold Note PSU-10
    • Hana ML
    • Nagaoka MP-500
    • PS Audio Stellar Power Plant P3

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Did your setup change?  I don’t remember the Aria.  Thats funny, I’d do that same aria and technics 1200 if the funds were there.

How do you like the Aria?  And I see some spendors (?) now.  Did you replace the lintons?



Thanks!  The Lintons have sounded extraordinary with the Class D amp, so much so, that I'm soon going to audition a Mytek Brooklyn Amp with them.

I do realized my front end would usually be paired with far costlier speakers, but the Lintons respond very well to changes in upstream components (for the better, of course).


Awesome set-up!  I love the aesthetics.  Interesting that you went class d with those speakers but I bet it actually compliments the wharfedales nicely.  Also interesting that you feel the wharedales are commensurate to your front end.  Anyhow, great system!


@jond @chrshanl37 

I'm in love with the Lintons!  They're an absolute bargain for what you get in terms of sound quality, and especially build.   

The Spendors (D7s) are in a different league though..heck, they cost 4 x more.  Tighter/deeper bass, midrange clarity & extended top end all exceed the Lintons.  The Spendors do reveal everything in a recording, so poorly recorded material is exposed of all it's flaws.

The Lintons are much more forgiving in that regard, and play nice with all genres of music.  Zero fatigue, not matter what is playing.   


I'm a fan of Class D amps.  The S300 pairs beautifully with my Wharfedales.  I may try the M700 monos soon too.


Looking good Rob, how do the Lintons compare to your Spendors?


Nice system Bob! How are you liking the Lintons? Love their vintage look.


Nice system. I like the way it is not "over complicated" yet very up to date. One of the very few systems using Class D technology (S300) I have seen here on Audiogon. Class D seems to be the "red headed step child of Audiophiles" . That said, I run class D amps too. No heat, plenty of power and great sound IMO.


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