I found big improvements in sound when I addressed my electrical, vibration control and good room acoustic. I ran two dedicated lines. I live in a place where code requires steel conduit. Did the work myself, lots of bending steel pipes. That was a big improvement in sound. Then I added two ADD-POWR ElectraClear devices to my two new lines. That was another improvement, dropped the noise floor, added clarity. Then I swapped out the stock “better” grade wall outlets for two Hubbell HBL5362W Duplex Receptacles, if I did not hear a difference, I could return them. I did hear a difference, they stayed. (and they are coming with me when I move) For me good power cords with good clean power is a fundamental part of the equation. 

Vibration control, so much… Well I built a large heavy gear rack. My inspiration was a Mapleshade Sampson rack, but I wanted a longer one than they offered, and I am frugal, so I made it. 3 shelves 61 inches by 19 made of of 2-inch-thick maple. 8 heavy steel threaded rods (1 inch thick by 36 inch) run through the 3 shelves secured with heavy brass nuts and washers above and below each shelf. The bottom ends of the rods are ground to a point. So, I have the rack coupled to the floor. Empty it weighs about 225 lb. When I lean on it at an angle with all my weight, it does not move. Vibration control of the components on the shelves are a mix of coupled to and decoupled. I use some foam sandwich blocks for less critical items. Herbie’s feet under the TT’s. I use BDR cones under the DAC and ceramic Golden Sound cones under my preamp. My amp has 3 cones stock, which I use and put Golden Sound composite cone footer underneath. For my speakers, I have tried both coupling and decoupling. For me, my system, my room, I prefer de-coupling my speakers. Hearbie’s gliders, and now spring pods. Both are good, but on my floor, concrete with vinyl planks, so far, I like the springs better.


Room Details

Dimensions: 21’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: N/A

Components Toggle details

    • ModWright KWA100SE
    Smooth, refined with power to handle any dynamics
    • Don Sachs 6SN7 Line Stage Preamplifier
    Detailed and nuanced with wonderful characteristics of the best that the 6SN7 tube has to offer
    • Tekton Design Enzo XL
    Powerful full range sound with realistic image size, fine details and never bright
    • MHDT Laboratory Orchid NOS R2R DAC
    • Bluesound Node 2i

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The equipment rack is what caught my eye first!  I need one like it!


Big improvements from electrical, vibration control, and acoustics. Yup. Good job!


I really want to hear a Dan Sachs pre. Nice rig!


Thanks mjcmt and jond. 
mjcmt, the maple stock came from a local hardwood store called Owl Lumber in DesPlaines, IL. The hardware I sourced from Grainger.


Quite a nice system. Lovely DIY rack. Where were you able to source that size kiln-dried maple boards? Plus the brass connecting hardware?


Awesome looking system nwre! Love that rack you built and that idler table is gorgeous. Nice all around mix of components and DIY work well done!


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