7.2.2 Atmos system driven by Anthem/Rotel/Klipsch amplification in a finished basement.  All wiring has been run in-wall as well as all ceiling tiles in the drop ceiling have R-13 insulation laying across them to reduce vibrations. Theater space is openly connected to a 18'x10' secondary part of the room on the right with a bar space connected for a total space of about 18'x22'.

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    • Anthem MRX-720
    7-Channel Atmos Receiver
    • Sony XBR-75X900F
    75" 4K TV
    • OPPO BDP-83
    1080p Blu-Ray Player
    • Apple TV 4K
    Primary A/V source component
    • Rotel RB-1070
    Amp used for height speakers
    • Pro-Ject Audio Systems Debut Carbon DC
    Vinyl playback!
    • Pro-Ject Audio Systems Phono Box MM
    Phono pre-amp
    • Monster Power HTS 3500 MkII
    Power center
    • Billy Bags 5605
    Steel tubular rack
    • Klipsch KG-4.5
    10" woofer with 6"x9" horn loaded tweeter
    • Klipsch RP-500C
    5.25" woofers with 1" horn loaded tweeter
    • Klipsch RS-3 II
    Side surround speakers
    • Klipsch KSF-S5
    Rear surround speakers
    • Klipsch CDT-5650-C II
    In-ceiling Atmos height speakers
    • Klipsch KW-120-THX
    Passive 12" subwoofer (2 in the room)
    • Klipsch KA-1000-THX
    500W per channel dedicated subwoofer amp

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