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Dimensions: 30’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Amphion Argon 3S monitors , 1-18 are the pro monitor version Argon 3E
    2 way studio monitor usung a 2 Nd order time aligned waveguide tweeter 
    Wave guide is 6.5 inches to match the mid-Bassdriver ,and a matching 6.5 tunes rear 
    Passive radiator,all seas drivers, made in Finland. I removed everything the crossover is fully upgraded using worlds best Path Audio resistors ,cornel Dubilier bypass capacitors  smaller caps a Jantzen lumen z, big midBass and. Filter caps aclarity Csa 
    Bypassed with Jantzen Alumen 

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Cool speakers I heard Amphions at Cap Audiofest last year they sounded excellent. And that's a helluva crossover mod so before and after impressions?


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