Analog Sources:

Technics SL-QD35 turntable with original ground wire to receiver

Audio-Technica AT311EP Universal Mount Phono Cartridge


Digital Sources:

Toshiba SDK1000 (for DVDs/CDs)

Sony BDP-BX57 (Blu-ray)



Denon AVR-X4000, receiver, currently using MM phono input, no phono preamp



4 - Definitive Technology ProMonitor 100 speakers, with stands (2 surrounds not in picture)

Definitive Technology C1

Velodyne VA-1210 sub



Digital: Vampire wire USA #sc/v sp/ofc video cable, no other details (DVD player to receiver)

Stock cable for blu-ray player

Interconnect: Blue Jeans Cable, BJC LC-1 Stereo Audio Cables, 6 foot (turntable to receiver)


Super flat mini high performance monster speaker cable (ProMonitor 100)

Thicker gauge monster speaker cable, (C1)

Monster cable, blue in color (sub)



Onzow: ZeroDust - Stylus Cleaner

AudioQuest Anti-Static Record Brush, Black


Listening Room: 15’ 4 “ W x 16’ 3” L x 8’ H, flat ceiling, system against width wall, wood floor, no rug, stuffed chair and couch, rear wall close to sitting position with books and records.  Electronics stacked in rack made of 3 hacked IKEA Lack tables, 21.5 x 21.5”, with legs reinforced in custom cut blocks on corners of bottom 2 table surfaces.


Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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