A great struggle to accommodate a decent system in a living room that is USED and also balance aesthetics. I will eventually panel the back wall and build -in shelving.All the casework is custom to my design. I pull the speakers out for listening.

Room Details

Dimensions: 25’ × 15’  Large
Ceiling: 11’

Components Toggle details

    • Conrad Johnson ET5 Preamplifier
    I used to have a ET3...this sounds similar but is simply MORE.
    • Conrad Johnson MF2300A Amplifier
    An oldie but goody. Jeff Fischel of CJ once told me that if made today, this design would be over 10K.
    • Luxman EQ-500
    Marvelous phonostage.
    • Sota Nova V turntable
    Had SOTA turntables for over 20 years. Bulletproof and great sounding. They have always taken care of me.
    • Fidelity Research FR-64s tonearm
    Good for those heavy old school Japanese cartridges.
    • SME 309 tonearm
    • Miyajima Labs Kansui cartridge
    Good although I admit I prefer the Shelter's bass performance.
    • Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum cartridge
    Awaiting the rebuild into a 1970's longbody.
    • Shelter 901 cartridge
    Solid performance, particularly in the bass region.
    • Sony HAP-S1 digital player
    Shockingly good. Nice interface and IPhone app.
    • OPPO 105D blu-ray player
    • Dali Euphonia MS4 speakers
    Coming from a set of B&W Matrix 805's, my requirements for a speaker was a floorstanding, narrow baffle, with SOTA high end performance and sufficient low end. I was particularly focused on companies that conducted serious R&D and made their own drivers. I heard the Dali's at the 2004 SF Audio Show and they quietly impressed me. ProAc, Joseph Audio, Piega, Dynaudio, Focal, and Von Schweikert were on the shortlist.
    • Tara Labs The One cabling
    All interconnects and speaker cables.
    • Synergistic Research Tricon Anniversary tonearm cable
    • Synergistic Research Tranquility Base
    Under the Sony digital player.
    • Synergistic Research Grounding Block
    All components are star grounded. I had custom ground cables made.
    • Acoustic Revive RAF-48
    Under turntable - probably overkill on a SOTA.

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Beautiful and practical, we call that miniteca in the 70s.


The struggle IS real. The coffee table is a sweet little Lane furniture piece from the 50's. I've seen a NYC designer take one and "ebonize" it to great effect - emphasizes the curves.


Very nice. I too was gonna mention that coffee table!


The struggle is real. Love that little coffee table!


Top notch 
Well done 


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