So I moved and decided to finally get rid of the rack between the speakers and get an ultra-short throw projector and a Rack of Silence. Holy crap, what an upgrade - I can’t believe how much better my entire system sounds now.

I also upgraded my analog rig - I moved from the PS Audio Stellar to the phono card for the Aesthetix Mimas and replaced my broken Dynavector XX-2 with a Soundsmith Voice cartridge. Both impressive upgrades - I swear my analog system sounds like reel-to-reel now.

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After decades in the hobby I finally have a system I feel incredibly proud of. It evokes all the qualities I look for in a system - musicality, warmth, and 3D imaging. 

With the pandemic this past year I’ve really accelerated my upgrade process, replacing my Hegel H200 with the Mimas and moving up in the Egglestonworks line to the Kivas. 

I’ll soon be getting another pair of the Tara RSC Prime M1’s to do a double-biwire, as well as getting some Isoacoustics Gaia feet for the Kivas. Someday perhaps upgrading my DAC as well. 

My rack is definitely the weak spot in my system, but since mine has an integrated TV mount I probably won’t be upgrading that until after the apocalypse.

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    • EgglestonWorks Kiva
    My newest upgrade, I moved up from the Emmas to the Kivas. Stunning upgrade - can’t believe these speakers don’t have more buzz.
    • Aesthetix Mimas
    My latest purchase. Absolutely enamored with it. Rolled with NOS Mullard tubes.
    • PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant 12
    • Soundsmith The Voice
    I accidentally sheered the needle off my Dynavector XX-2, but the silver lining is I upgraded to The Voice and it’s incredible.
    • Avid Volvere
    • PS Audio Stellar Phono
    • Doge Audio 7 DAC
    Underrated gem from Doge. Rolled with NOS tubes from Mazda and GE.
    • Tara Labs RSC Air Reference Power Cable
    • Synergistic Research Foundation XLR
    • Tara Labs RSC Air Prime M1 Speaker Wire
    • Tara Labs RSC Vector 1 XLR
    • Nordost Quattro Fil Tonearm Cable
    • GIK Acoustics Art panels
    All of the black and white photos on the front and read wall are GIK acoustic panels. They’ve improved the room quite a bit, in retrospect I should’ve done more varied thickness.
    • Solid-Tech Rack of Silence Reference

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I had a similar problem.  For months I tried everything but the most obvious.  Speaker positioning.  I followed Wilson Audio set up procedure   Called WASP.  You will easily find it in the net.


I can’t stop making pandemic upgrades to my system. The latest addition: the Egglestonworks Kiva speakers.

They’re borderline too big for this room but my god do they sound good - planar-like imaging, incredibly musical, powerful and dynamic.


@joey54 thanks! Manhattan power is too dirty for that unfortunately, I’ve got the Mimas plugged into the Power Plant.

I’d love to try the cards someday - I’m itching to upgrade my DAC next, but having the card would certainly streamline my setup.


Nice system! Not sure if you have tried it but using the supplied power cord plugged directly into the wall is the way to go with the Mimas. I just added the internal DAC card and it's really good sounding. I may also go with the phono card as well.Enjoy the music!


Great looking setup and congrats on the Mimas! I bet it sounds lovely.


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