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    • PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant 12
    • Dynavector Xx-2
    • Avid Volvere
    • PS Audio Stellar Phono
    • Aesthetix Mimas
    My latest purchase. Absolutely enamored with it. Rolled with NOS Mullard tubes.
    • Doge Audio 7 DAC
    Underrated gem from Doge. Rolled with NOS tubes from Mazda and GE.
    • EgglestonWorks Emma
    Egglestonworks’ extraordinary Emma speakers. Insane value for the money.
    • Tara Labs RSC Air Reference Power Cable
    • Synergistic Research Foundation XLR
    • Tara Labs RSC Air Prime M1 Speaker Wire
    • Tara Labs RSC Vector 1 XLR
    • Nordost Quattro Fil Tonearm Cable

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Great looking setup and congrats on the Mimas! I bet it sounds lovely.


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