Started with a Marantz integrated amp and Marantz CD player with the Majik 109 speakers.  Then started streaming with the Majik 140 DSM.  Then added a second system with the Linn Akurate DSM and Akurate 4200 amp with the Vandersteen Treo CTs.  Also using a Quadra spire performance rack for the Akurate components and turntable.

My listening room is more complicated then as listed, including a 21 foot solid brick interior wall, 10 foot ceilings, 30 foot width (with side rooms, and an 8 foot picture window and 16 foot glass slider.  But it is my man-cave so that’s that for now.

Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 18’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Vandersteen speakers Treo CT
    Using Linn K40 Bi-wire cables
    • Linn Majik 109 bookshelf speakers
    • Linn Majik 140 DSM/amp, 90 watts
    • Linn Akurate amp
    Model 4200, 4 channel, 200 watts per channel
    • Linn Akurate DSM with Exakt Link
    Katalyst upgrade.
    • Riga turntable Planar 1

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  Place the treos right on the fireplace Harth eight inches out from the wall
  widen or separate them AS well add as many washers for correction with tiltback and you will have the tonal magic.
Best JohnnyR


I think you have a lot of really nice gear.  Keep experimenting with loudspeaker placement; I used to own Vandersteen 3A Sigs.  Treo CT is a dream speaker!

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