The perfect combination of function and form.

Pull the bentwood rocker about 15 feet from the speakers and zone out, or sit with your back right up against the curved reflector panel and feel the music.

It just doesn't get any better than this...


Room Details

Dimensions: 30’ × 18’  X large
Ceiling: 15’

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    • JBL Paragon

    We acquired our JBL Paragon speaker system from the local JBL dealer in 1975 and never looked back.

    I first experienced this incredible speaker as a Freshman in 1962 at the University of Utah college of music. Even from way back in the lecture auditorium the sound was phenomenal.

    More than a decade later as a young married on a budget I told my wife Suzanne about that experience, and we managed to buy the only one in town. We pared it up with a McIntosh C-28 Preamp and Mc-2105 Amp and have been living the dream ever since.

    Launched in 1957, the Paragon was the world's most expensive speaker at the time. As the flagship JBL product, it cost $1,830 (£650) (compared with the 1957 VW Beetle Deluxe Sedan cost $1495.00).  The "Paragon" is the product with the longest production run of all JBL loudspeakers. It was produced continually until it was discontinued in 1983.

    • Bang & Olufsen Beogram 3000

    We picked the Beogram 3000 turntable to provides a high level of quality due to its acoustic isolation. The added bonus is that it looks awesome as well.  We still enjoy spinning vinyl every chance we get. After all, vinyl is final...

    • McIntosh C-28 Preamplifier

    Each channel of the C28 consists of four parts, a low level amplifier, high level amplifier, active filters and headphone amplifier. Common regulated power supplies furnish power to both channels.

    Currently my inputs are the B&O Turntable, AKAI AM-FM Tuner, Sony 400 Disc CD changer, AKAI tape player and a Logitech Bluetooth adapter so I can stream from on-line sources. .

    • McIntosh Mc 2105 Amplifier

    With power output at 105 watts per channel at 8Ω and frequency response: 10Hz to 100kHz, the primary output goes to the JBL Paragon of course.
    There are a bunch of other output destinations throughout the house and patio by the pool, but they are only for conversational background effect. The real joy comes from cranking up the volume and being blown away into a musical trance anywhere in the great room.

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..REFOAM the speakers...autocorrect got me,,,again


..I saw what I believe were the Paragons at an audio store here in Indy that’s long since closed its doors.  Certainly a work of art.  Have you had to reform the speakers or replace capacitors?  Nicely done sir!


Fantastic. One of the nicest looking speakers of all time. And paired w/ the Mac has to be heaven. 
As far as the power amps heat issue, Mac gear runs pretty cool so you should be fine, but an inch above the amp would be better.


I'm guessing you purchased this gear at Standard Audio?  The year after you purchased the Paragon, I bought a C28/MC2105 combo from them, but I could only afford a pair of Century L100's. 
I did have a B&O MMC6000 cartridge mounted on a Thorens TD125mkII, with an SME tonearm.  Those were the days.
The Paragon looks great!
Steve Floor
Salt Lake City


Claireo, thanks for the idea. Although the individual components are on individual sturdy shelves, and the back is totally open, I will go ahead and take your advice and switch the amp above the preamp. And, as I really never listen to cassette tapes any more, I will pull it from the stack to allow even more air circulation.  I appreciate your advice.

In answer to Zerius/s question as to the origin of the Paragon, I bought it new from the JBL Dealer in Salt Lake City, UT in 1973 when Suzanne and I were poor newlyweds. That and the Bentwood Rocker were our first pieces of furniture that were not hand-me-downs. So, we just treat her nice and she is nice to us.


Shouldn't the amp be on the preamp? It generates much more heat.


Where did you find the Paragons and how much restoration was needed?


Wow awesome system dlmcat! Those Paragons just wow absolutely gorgeous!


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