Custom room heck i put all this under each item lol. It's sounding amazing. Getting it measured and a full sweep tomorrow and may look into a few subs. Maybe. Maybe not. We will see. The bass is very good already but a buddy of mine has an idea to swarm some svs subs in here. He will hear tomorrow for the first time

Room Details

Dimensions: 14’ × 19’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Gryphon Diablo 300
    300 watt integrated
    • Gryphon Kalliope
    • Sonore Signature Rendu SE
    Streamer with tier 2 upgrade and optical
    • Small Green Computer i9 sonic transport for roon
    • Sonore optical w custom power supply
    optical converter with custom power supply built by sonore
    • Bryston bit 20
    bit 20 power station with auto voltage regulation
    • Kubala Sosna realization cable's
    realization speaker and interconnects
    • Kubala-Sosna Research elation power cables
    elation power cables
    • Critical Mass Systems MAXXUM
    • Wilson Audio Sasha DAW
    speakers. Sasha DAW
    • GIK Acoustics Room treatment
    bass Soffits x 6 w/ range limiter 
    Monster traps x 3 w/ range limiters 
    4 inch scatter plate panels x 3
    4 inch a2 diffuser x 3 
    2 inch a2 diffuser x 3 
    Plus these q7 diffuser panels not sure what brand. I've had them for years 
    • custom built room gik designed Mike major
    design by Mike Major at gik. Built by me and a couple of my former employees and friends. Modular room i can take apart and put back together in another home. 
    14'4" X 18'6" outer shell 
    Side walls are 10 inches thick with insulation and covered in speaker fabric and slatted wood slats with specific spacing above 2 feet which gets tighter from front to back. 

    Rear wall is 18 inches thick with built-in corners a bit thicker stuffed with insulation cover with fabric and slats and gik diffuser 

    All exterior is double sheet rock plus front wall also has 1/2" coated birch which is what the slats are but slats are 1/4"

    Then I put a Daikin mini split in that only runs at either 14 or 16 db. Can't remember but it's dead quite in here. 

    Theater seats are palliser electric recliner very nice. Bought show room set as its now discontinued and got them dirt cheap 

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Congrats on a great looking room 
Always impressed by people who take the extra effort to tame the room.  I’m also a GIK customer (and RPG and DIY).  Any reason why you wouldn’t also put QRD diffusion on the wall behind the seats?

So, how’d the room measure and will Santa be bringing you subwoofers?????


I've moved the speakers all about and feel they are in a good place. Getting the room measurements this week to ensure


The sonore is a great piece


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Love the room treatments. Recognized the GIK  right off. Interesting speaker location. Do they do well placed back in the corners?


How do you like the Sonore set up?


Wow great room and killer system well done!


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