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    • Joule Electra LA-150se
    Line stage
    • Joule Electra VZN-80 Mk IV
    80 watt OTL amp
    • ifi-audio iPhono2
    Phono pre
    • Osiris Speaker Stands
    • Hana EL
    MC Cartridge mounted to Rp-40
    • Rega Rp-40
    Special edition turntable upgraded with groove tracer subplatter and Herbie's mat. Mounted on Rega wall shelf.
    • Merlin Music Systems TSM-bm
    Black Magic edition bookshelf
    • Rega TT-PSU
    Power supply for Rp-40. Worthwhile upgrade to dial in platter speed.
    • PS Audio Power Port
    Wall outlet
    • JL Audio Fathom F-110
    • JPS Labs Ultraconductor 2
    Interconnects and speaker cable
    • PS Audio Quintet
    Power conditioner
    • iFi Audio AC iPurifier
    One connected to mains and two others connected to quintet. Along with dedicated 20 amp circuit wired with 12 guage Romex it makes for quality power.
    • Pangea Audio AC-9
    Power cable for mains and LA-150se

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Awesome looking system and I know Joule Electra and Merlin play well together it must sound fantastic. Thanks for sharing!


Very nice. Like how you treat your room. Enjoy!




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