Hate using this picture because I no longer live there but it is the only one showing all of my equipment. Once I get into my new place I will be able to set all this up properly and not all crammed together, and then take a new picture.
Picture with TV on shows equipment better but is before I got the second Emotiva amp and I got rid of the Xfinity DVR.
Just below and behind the bottom right corner of the TV you can see a small white box that is the Intel NUC running Plex. That is where I spend a lot of time listening to music and recently going through all of it and correcting file structure, file names, music info. I have discovered a couple hundred songs I forgot about because they were not showing up. Now I am rebuilding my Play lists. I will also be replacing all my favorite downloaded songs with CDs so that they will be in the FLAC format.
So this is it. I know not really much compared to some of the amazing systems I have seen on here but I thoroughly enjoy it. Now that I have some good components probably what I will do next is move some equipment around, get some better stands, get some cable elevators and clean up the cabling. And then try some different front speakers, the B&W CDM7 SE are good but would like to try a higher model or maybe a different brand. All of my current B&W speakers are the Special Edition model thanks to my OCD. After getting the fronts I had to do the same with all the surrounds.
I also have two Teac Reel to Reels courtesy of my Dad, he got them when overseas in the Air Force. They have been boxed up for awhile and I need to get them looked at and any repairs done before putting into use.

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    • Marantz AV8805
    Preamp Processor
    • Emotiva XPA-7 Gen 3
    Drives one front and surrounds
    • Emotiva XPA-7 Gen 3
    Drives one front and Atmos
    • OPPO UDP-203
    4k Ultra HD Blu-ray
    • Samsung Q8FN 75"
    • AMAZON Fire TV
    No cable DVR at the moment.
    • Intel Media Server
    Intel NUC i5 for media server, running Plex.
    Holds all my CDs.
    Even though Plex does much more I really only use it for music.
    • APC S20BLK-R
    UPS Battery
    • B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) Speakers
    B&W CDM7 SE        Fronts
    B&W CDMC SE        Center
    2  B&W CDM2 SE    Surround
    2  B&W CDM1 SE    Surround rear
    4  Prime Elevation    Atmos
    2  Definitive Technology SuperCube I    Subs
    • Cables Misc Cables
    Receiver - Harmonic Technology Pro-AC 11
    Blu Ray - PS Audio AC-5 Perfectwave

    Front speakers
    Kimber 8TC

    Center speaker
    Kimber 8TC

    Surround speakers
    Blue Jeans
    4  Pair BJC Twelve

    Atmos speakers
    Amazon Basics
    4  Pair 14 Gauge


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