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Dimensions: 20’ × 16’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • DIY and GR Research BASS System
    SAT modular MidBass column system. They use an active Behringer 2496 with Behringer 12K class d amps. (2 enclosures)

    3 or 6 per side, Parts Express paper/kevlar 8" with phase plugs and cast basket.
    80 hz to 300 hz

    GR Research dual 12" OB servo system (2 enclosure)
    100 hz and below

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Thanks for sharing!  Thats a cool little set-up for your subs.  👍


This is most of the bass system. There are two more MB cabinets that SAT (stack and test). They go right on top of the center cabinets. Same cabinet, just no base. 

Servo is 100 hz <
Mid Bass 100-300hz, very efficient speakers, 95 or so..

I use a Behringer 2496 and 12Ks for my BASS management system.
300 hz  <. They idle at 25-45. I add switches for the three fans.. LOL I disconnect two, and switch one.. For quiet night listening.

The GR servo system has their own amp, made for OB with step baffle correction/selection. I'm not sure what they Idle at. They are not a hugh consumer though...370 watt at 4 ohm, I'm wired at 8. Under 200 watts.

They both are fed by the 2496. The only part of the system I use correction on.

Main speakers use passive XO, I don't use their bass at all. Just mine..
Works a whole lot better than most..
I use modified VMPS Elixirs, and RM30 as mains.. Planars/ribbons
All TRT caps, and really good inductors, silver wire...All Point to Point

I'm a Mac guy, but I really like Carys valve amps, too.

That combo of planars, midbass columns, servo bass, class d amps, and valves for the mids and highs.... :-) is all I can say.

I'll get the rest of the system up and posted, There is a TT plinth
in the same Queen An base.. Coming along... Russco/Thoren/SME stuff..

Everything is everywhere, just now getting it all together. Retired.. :-)


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Very interesting.  What is the minimum power requirement for the speakers. I assume the subs are powered.


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