First setup with BAT components and the Genesis II.5 Speaker System . Fully analog with a Simon York Designs S4 turntable. Later replaced with a S7 TT.

Room Details

Dimensions: 26’ × 18’  Large
Ceiling: N/A

Components Toggle details

    • Genesis Advanced Technologies Genesis II.5
    • Balanced Audio Technology VK-120
    Monoblocks VK120
    • Balanced Audio Technology VK-50
    • Balanced Audio Technology VK-P10
    Phono Preamplifier
    • Simon Yorke Designs S4 Zarathustra

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He's got two incredible systems, but I'm not sure if he's still an Audiogon member. His member page doesn't seem to exist (or he's temporarily deactivated it).
Shame, he appears to really know his stuff.


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It's very clear to see you've made a serious effort and investment in making your system quite remarkable. I know it's going to take me years to curate and assemble anything that substantial.

If you don't mind me asking, what is the treatment on the ceiling please?



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