All about the emotions and beauty of music.

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 30’  X large
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Aries Cerat Kassandra MkII Gen 1
    A DAC like no other - music starts from this masterpiece. 

    Only vinyl via Aries Cerat Talos phono stage has bettered it (as well as the more expensive Aries Cerat DACs). 

    Simply cannot imagine a truly high-end system being complete without the emotion making machine of Aries Cerat. 
    • YBA Signature Preamp
    4 chassis preamp with phono and external MC step-up transformer modules
    Very best of YBA’s golden era 
    Discrete resistor volume pot
    Perfect channel separation - dual mono 
    Extremely musical presentation
    Pure, neutral and transparent
    • YBA Signature Power
    4 chassis ultimate power amp by YBA
    Absolutely silent background 
    Extremely musical presentation
    Pure, neutral and transparent 
    • Aries Cerat Stentor
    The one and only pair of Stentors ever made. 

    A privilege to be able to listen to this most magnificent pair of box loudspeakers.

    Thank you to Stavros Danos of Aries Cerat for the design and trust.

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Wow what an awesome looking system! I've always wanted to hear YBA their Signature gear must sound fantastic! And Aries Cerat gets so much buzz lately looks like great gear and made in Cyprus to boot. Really cool lovely room also thanks so much for sharing!


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