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    • SMSL SU-8 v2 DAC
    • Audio Art Cable IC-3 XLR Interconnect
    • Classe Audio CAP-151 Balanced Integrated Stereo Amplifier
    • JBL Synthesis HDI-1600
    • Monitor Audio REF 700 PMC
    • Martin Logan Dynamo 10" Subwoofer
    • Sunfire True Sub Signature EQ Dual 12"

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This is a wonderful system. There was a time I wanted that integrated very bad but never I made the plunge. How is it performing today? Both of your speakers are amazing. Which is a better match? Anyway, I just love your system.


It’s only custom in the sense that I had to modify the height of the feet in order to fit under my in-wall center speaker. 

I got it after an exhaustive search for a modern looking credenza that would be able to keep my 18-month old son mostly away from the insane number of fun looking buttons hiding inside.. 

If you’re interested, I got it from CB2, link below: 


Custom cabinet....tell us more!


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