This is a constantly evolving system. My audiophile passion started in the early 70's and got me to study electronics and acoustics in college. I built my own speakers and power amps in the late 70's, but as my income increased and my free time evaporated, I moved to commercial products. I've owned at least a dozen of every different kind of component (probably more speakers) over the years. In the late 90's, I started focusing on home theater, but my interest in 2-channel has been rekindled in recent years. 

I ended up spending my career in computers, but have started doing more DIY audio stuff recently - primarily building designs from excellent audio engineers willing to share their ideas. I've got a pair of FirstWatt F5 derivative monoblocks underway in my workshop.

Room Details

Dimensions: 29’ × 17’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Bryston BDP-2
    With upgraded audio card (same as BDP-3)
    • Denafrips Terminator
    Latest DSP board
    • Parasound JC-2BP
    • Parasound JC-5
    • GR Research NX-Otica
    DIY open baffle speakers with upgraded crossovers
    • GR Research Triple 12" OB Servo Subwoofers
    Stereo pair
    • PS Audio Stellar Power Plant P3
    • UpTone Audio EtherRegen
    • Roon Labs ROCK Server
    NUC i7 in fanless case
    • GIK Acoustics Bass Diffusors, 242 Panels, Art Panels
    Multiple GIK panels used throughout the room
    • DIY acoustic treatments Tube Traps, wall panels
    • DH Labs Red Wave
    DIY Power cords with Wattgate connectors
    • DH Labs Revelation
    XLR interconnects between DAC and Preamp
    • DH Labs Pro Studio
    DIY XLR interconencts between preamp and power amp
    • DH Labs D-110
    AES/EBU digital cable
    • DH Labs Sub-Sonic II
    Subwoofer interconnect cables

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The GR research speakers look great - nice color choice. Did you build them yourself?


Nice. Streamlined, with extreme attention to detail is my kind of setup.


Very nice system and room. Should sound really good. One question though, why no turntable?


Beautiful system!!!  I think you may have found a really nice sweet spot of performance vs cost....although it's still a moderately expensive system.

Do you mind sharing where you went to do the DIY Tube traps and wall panels?  Thanks!


Gorgeous system, very tastefully done! Enjoy.


Very nicely done! I have a friend considering the GR Research speakers. I’m going to send a link to your system!


Looks like an oasis from a troubled world to me.  Exceptional!


Absolutely stunning. I imagine that is a top notch sounding room. Nicely done.



Thanks for the comments. 

@rhodes - Yes, this is a basement room. There is an opening (about 8' wide) at the back left of this room that opens to my home theater room. At some point, I'll add some photos . The equipment in the home theater is not quite as fancy, although I do have a set of Revel F50 towers and center channel).

While it is a basement, there is a large light well behind those curtains with French doors and window lights. When it's warm enough out, I'll often have the curtains and doors open to get natural light and fresh air. 

@ediaz3 - I've owned a lot of nice speakers over the years (Magneplanar Tympani IVs, Duntech Sorverigns, Revel Studios among others). I don't know if I'd call the OB speakers "game changers" compared to these other excellent speakers, but I do feel these are best overall speakers I've owned. The bass is just phenomenal and overall detail, clarity, and presentation is great. The only speakers I'm considering "upgrading" to are the GR-Research Line Forces. 

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That's class all the way. Have a long way to go for my room. Is your set up in the basement?


were the OB speakers and subs a game changer?

great looking system!!


Holy cow, Dude!  Thanks for posting 👍


Now that is one beautiful listening room.
I would like to hang out there and have a cold one and chill!


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I love the attention devoted to the room aesthetic and acoustics, as well as the smart technology choices! Genuine achievement!


Cool system and awesome looking speakers jaytor!


What a nice and welcoming setup! Love the warmth of the setting. Very nice system. Congratulations.


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