I bought my Linn Axis turntable  in London during the late ‘90s and travelled around the world with it.  I also had a nice portable pair of Paradigm Atom speakers for about 15 years, which I passed on to a niece and replaced with some ELAC Debut 6.2s. My old trusty NAD 7020 gave up the ghost a couple of years ago and I replaced it with a Cambridge Audio Topaz SR20 receiver.  My wife and I decided on a drastic downsizing and I sold all my records and equipment over the holidays.

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    • Linn Axis Basik
    My old Linn Axis turntable with Basik Arm and Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge.

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Concrete blocks make excellent stands.  Use something in between (double sided tape or earthquake tape) so they sit properly, and they're about the most stable stand out there.