I told my wife a few years back, that I'd like to upgrade our speakers... Things might have gotten a little out of control. 😜

Putting this system together over the past several years has been a labor of love. I’ve learned a lot, forgotten most of it, and tried to bs my way through the rest of it.  However, we do truly feel Blessed that we are fortunate enough to own such great equipment (we being my wife and myself… yes, she’s in love with all this too. I think I’ll keep her!) Even when I’m frustrated, trying to track down a ground loop gremlin (we’ve all been there), I remind myself… If this is the “issue” in my life right now; how good do I have it! 

If you are interested in the logistics of how I ran everything, please read on, and I  will attempt to walk you through my current system from beginning to end… If that sort of thing doesn’t interest you, please go strait to looking at the pictures. 

Either way, I hope you enjoy what I’ve put together. 
Thank you for checking it out!

It all starts with two 20 amp dedicated circuits coming from the panel, on 10 gage wire to a 30 amp 4 pole outlet. (Like what’s going to your clothes dryer) From there the power travels down a 10 gage cord into the base of our custom built shelving unit. I decided to install the outlets into the base of the unit, rather than in the wall. This is an attempt to clean up some of the “spaghetti” behind the equipment. One circuit runs the power conditioner, and one takes care of the amps. Putting the outlets in the base of the stand also allows me to use .5 meter power cords to the amps/conditioner. Including the sub amp, which Is also built into the shelving unit instead of the sub enclosure. The hope was to eliminate vibration to the circuit board that would have occurred if it was mounted within the sub box. (That’s my concept at least)

A friend of mine had some extra, really nice power cord wire (from Germany) So I purchased some good quality ends, and made my own cords. Again, to clean up the mess, and keep wires as short as possible. I have used Tara Labs interconnects for years, but decided to switch to Inakustic for this iteration of the system. 

(More to come… I have to quit playing on Audiogon, and get to work 😢)

Thanks for checking it out!

Room Details

Dimensions: 14’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Aries Cerat Incito S
    Preamplifier (best preamp I’ve ever heard)
    • Aries Cerat Helene
    Dac... And what a dac it is!
    • Sota Star Sapphire
    Grado Statement 3 cartridge 
    Premier FT-3 toner arm
    • Kef 207
    Tara Labs speaker wires, bi-wired
    • OPPO BDP-150D
    Run through the Heléne
    • Krell 575 XD Monoblocks
    Affectionately named “The twins” by my wife.
    • Manley Chinook SE-II
    Manley helps record music… And they help me play it back!
    • Magico Subwoofer
    18” Magico sub and amp, in a custom enclosure
    • Inakustic - all interconnects -
    Well, almost all… There’s a couple Tara Labs thrown in there.
    • Auralic Aries G2.1
    Run through the Heléne
    • Tara Labs 20 amp Power Conditioner
    Super quiet filter. Everything but the amps plugged into it.

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Thanks! Luckily I have a VERY supportive wife.
I always wounded if the “next” component will actually be worth it in my system… Well, I have to say that the addition of Aries Cerat into my life was a game changer. It is as fast as digital, and as natural and romantic as tubes… It shouldn’t be possible!


Impressive... you really went all out!


Impressive... you really went all out!


I just added the new DAC, and custom cabinet… I told my wife that I might finally be done. Well, almost done 😉


Very nice, the kef 207 are keepers.


Thank you!  I’m working on becoming an Audiophile... Until then, I’m more of a music lover, who wants my music to sound as good as my pocket book will allow.  I guess I could be considered more of an audioneophyte.  Thanks for looking!


Nice set-up! Especially like the speakers 👍


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