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Dimensions: 16’ × 16’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • MicroZOTL MZ2
    preamp with remote and Linear Power Supply
    • Zu Audio Libtec
    Speaker cables
    • Zu Audio Event Interconnects
    • REL T5i
    • Hana SL
    Low output MC
    • Marantz tt-15
    • Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena
    phono pre
    • Rotel RCD 1072
    CD player
    • Apple MacBook Air
    • Mytek Brooklyn DAC
    • Pass Labs XA-25
    • Zu Audio Dirty Weekend with Druid MK lV drivers

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Thanks for the explanation. My DWs are MarkII. I did spring for the Clarity caps. I love them and believe they might be the bang for your buck best deal in audio.


Sean Casey could explain all the variations, better than I but here goes my understanding. My first set of Omens were Mkl, the Omens produced now are the Mkll’s.
The Zu web site describes the difference between a Dirty Weekend, and the Omen.
The pair I purchased from Zu had drivers that were traded in when someone traded in there Druid MKlV speakers to upgrade to the Druid MKV. The drivers were fine so Zu decided to put them in Omen Cabinets in the form of Dirty Weekends. I bought the DW’s from Zu. You can tell the difference by the cone shaped metal (can’t think of its right name) in the middle of the speaker and a tulip shaped tweeter.
If you search DW’s online you’ll see images of this variety. To my ears they are better than my Omen MKl’s.
Thanks for the comments


I have Zu Dirty Weekends in one of my systems. Thought the driver was the standard Omen speakers. Please explain. Thanks.

Btw, the system is really nice.


I love your system!  Looks great and I bet it sounds great too!  Well done 👍


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