I've had the Marantz gear for many years. Recently had everything gone through and the pieces sound great. Came across an AR turntable just like the one I had in college and added a NOS cartridge. Still have a couple thousand lps from my previous higher end system. Realize the turntable placement isn't ideal but I had already ordered the Timbernation rack when I acquired the Crown EQ. Never had an EQ but have had fun fiddling with this one. 
Though far from top of the line, I've been very happy with the Thiel speakers. 

Update 6/11/20. Just acquired Thiel 3.5 speakers so I revised this post. Definitely a step up in sound. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 12’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Marantz Model 7 Preamp
    • Marantz Model 15 Amplifier
    • Marantz Model 20 FM Tuner
    • AR Turntable
    Stanton 681EEE cartridge
    • Sony C333ES SACD player
    • PS Audio Power Plant Premier
    • Crown EQ-2 Parametric Equalizer
    • Thiel Audio CS 3.5 Speakers

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Just updated my system - new (to me) speakers.


Nice room and system. Feel free to join us on the Thiel Owner's thread.

Happy Listening!


Love your oak Thiel's.  I have the CS2's, also in oak...they still look and sound great in 2020.  Keep enjoying!


Sure love those Marantz and AR pieces in walnut cabinets.
I show them off by putting the Marantz and AR TT on your wood rack by themselves, and add a wood TV stand to put all the other equipment under your tv.


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