After painting the upstairs of our 1300SF townhome, I installed our basic music system in a small room. I'm in the process of going though our 300 album collection to decide which to keep so they will fit in the corner cabinet. Also contemplating changing CD player to a dedicated CD transport, and adding a streamer to complete the system.

Room Details

Dimensions: 9’ × 13’  Small
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Mystere IA-11
    40 wpc integrated amp from sister company PrimaLuna
    Mullard EL34 power, ElectroHarmonix 6SN7 preamp tubes
    • Thorens TD-203
    Entry-level belt-drive turntable w/ electronic speed change
    Uni-pivot tonearm, w/ Ortofon 2m Blue cartridge
    • Schiit Audio Mani
    MM/MC phono preamp
    • Marantz CC-4001
    5-disc CD player used as transport via digital output to DAC
    • Schiit Audio Modi 3
    24/192 DAC w/ coax, optical and usb inputs
    • Paragon Acoustics Radiant
    Transmission-line speakers retrofitted w/ Seas Froy Mk3 speaker kit from Madisound
    • Kimber Kable 4TC & PBJ
    speaker cable and interconnects
    • XLO ER-1C
    Coaxial digital cable from CD player to DAC
    • Quantum Electronics Q-Bar
    Power strip, RF/EMI protection
    • Target Audio 5 shelf equipment rack
    Powder-coated heavy-gauge welded steel frame w/ mdf shelves

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Thanks Moofoo for your encouraging words. 
I dislike a disorganized and cluttered stereo. I have to just pair down about 50 lps of which I can easily find that I'm not all that interested in. BTW, you definitely have a spectacular system and dedicated AV/music room.

I'm already using my 5-disc player as a transport and know I can do better spinning discs w/ a dedicated CD transport. I'm not sure how to access my desktop computer in a different room.


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A CD transport is only a CD player without a DAC. Simply bypass your DAC but outputting your player into the standalone DAC and you're all set. Add computer for streaming (betcha already got one) and call it a good day.


Very nice. Clean and simple which I like. Bet it sounds great also! Don’t get rid of any of that vinyl! 😃


Thanks for your comment Jond. As to your question, simply put the amp won't fit on the second shelf, not evident in the photographs. Would definitely make TT use more convenient.


That's a nice and well balanced system. Question though why not put the Thorens on the top shelf? It seems like that would make using it easier.


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