Pair of upgraded Tekton Double Impacts (4-ohm) w/ pair of stereo Tekton 4-10 subs.  Also pair of stereo HSU VTF-15H subs in far corners.  I usually run all 4 subs.  Tekton 4-10's are crossed over at about 50hz, HSU subs are crossed over at about 30hz, gains are all around 10-15%.. 

Using a Bluesound Node 2I streamer into an Eastern Electric tube DAC through a nice Furutech SPDIF cable.  Using all LessLoss Signature PCs on entire system with a Balanced Power Technology BPT-1 line conditioner.  Amplifier is currently a B&K ST-55.2 (which I cannot even use half that power output).  This amp has gain dials or sensitivity attenuators (or whatever you want to call them) on the back... I have them set to 50%.

All IC's & speaker cables are Clear Day and are STUNNING if you can find some.... RIP Paul.

This is my 5th pair of Tekton speakers and I have owned some very expensive speakers over the last 20+ years and NONE have been nearly as fun as the Tekton have - not even close.  If I had a larger room, I would likely get the Encores.

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Tekton Design Double Impact
    4-ohm, upgraded version, std. black finish
    • Tekton Design 4-10 Subwoofer
    std. black finish, stereo pair
    • LessLoss DFPC Signature
    Amazing power cords, all bought used - I would never pay that much for one power cord new
    • Bluesound Node 2I
    Streamer w/ DAC, I use a separate Eastern Electric tube DAC, but the on-board DAC in this Bluesound is actually pretty decent.
    • Hsu Research VTF-15H MK2
    Big suckers, running stereo pair in far corners, x-over set to about 30hz... only letting the very low stuff through
    • Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC Supreme
    Tube DAC w/ NOS RCA tube, sounds amazing considering the cost of this unit, unreal build quality too.  Using a Furutech SPDIF from the Bluesound into this DAC
    • Balanced Power Technologies BPT-1
    Decent balanced power conditioner... I have owned several over the years, the other one I liked a lot was Running Spring Audio

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Sweet setup!


Thanks for posting your set-up!  I’d love to hear it.  I bet it sounds incredible!


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