These Beauties are the Fritz Carrera BE’s that I was so graciously given the opportunity to review.  The build quality and workmanship is fantastic.  Understated elegance is how I’d describe their appearance.  Even the speaker grills are perfectly constructed with a silky fabric material that is quite acoustically transparent.  The way the grills snap into place reminds me of the way a classic Porsche 911 door latches with a reassuring click.  The veneer and woodwork of the speakers in nearly flawless.  I’ve got to say that I am thoroughly impressed with these bad boys!

Room Details

Dimensions: 13’ × 11’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Associated equipment used during the review Fritz Carrera BE

    -Anthem I225 

    -Bluesound Node 2i

    -Audioquest Diamond RCA’s

    -A.P. Solo Crystal Oval 8 speaker cables

    -Porter port A/C outlet

    -Room treated with GiK panels

    -Room size is 11x13x8

    -Speakers were 46” from front wall.

    -Speakers were 24” from side walls.

    -Speakers were 7’ apart.

    -Listening seat was 7’ away.

    -Speakers are pointed almost directly at the listening seat.

    -24” Dynaudio Stand 4 speaker stands; filled with sand and carpet spikes used.  

    -Speakers were perfectly level and blu tak was used to adhere the speakers to the dynaudio stands.

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Thought that I should update the thread.  I am currently using the Carbon 6’s and I really love these little guys too.  These speakers had the reverse honey moon effect on me. Right out of the box they were good but I am thoroughly falling in love with these as well.  Everyday I just love them more. They do everything really well. They aren’t as refined as the Carreras, nor should they be.  We’re talking $100 tweeters vs $400 tweeters (each) but man, they are just really solid speakers.  The bass is just about perfect in my little listening room.  The tone isn’t as good as the Carreras but other than 2 things, these Carbon 6’s are fantastic.  An opportunity came up and I am now able to buy some Carreras.  Fritz is building me a set next week and I should have them in 2 or 3 weeks.  I am so excited!  I feel like a kid during Christmas.  I just can’t wait but at the same time, no rush.  Extended this excitement is no problem for me and I get to enjoy these Carbon 6’s until I get my Carreras, or until the Carbon 6’s sell.  They are for sale, so if you’re interested, let me or Fritz know.  For a small or medium sized room, these would be a fantastic entry into the Fritz family.  I have grown to appreciate Fritz more and more every time we talk.  I do consider the Man a good friend now and hopefully I can meet him and shake his hand someday.  The joy his speakers have brought me is priceless.  His speakers, are of course, not for everyone, but I sure have connected to them because of the way they connect me to the music.  Just Fantastic!


I agree with your impressions of the Arros... great with vocal and imaging, not the most refined high end by any means and missing quite a bit of body bug they were fun to listen to!  They actually made me start searching for speakers that are fun and engaging to listen to but with more body, weight and refinement in regards to the sound.


Yes, read that review. Pretty nice. Looks like you are (kind of) floored by the Fritz loudspeakers. I hope you are able to purchase the Carbon 6.
I have heard the Arros and the vocals on that is fantastic. But the body on instruments were missing, if you compare with other loudspeakers. On their own they sound nice.
Do update your system when you get the new loudspeaker.


Hi Milpai! Good to hear from you buddy 😎

I posted a response on your system page yesterday.  It looks fantastic!  It is for sure one of my favorites that I have seen.  Your ProAcs are drop dead gorgeous!

To answer your question, I posted a review of the Carreras in the review section.  I have my thoughts and impressions there.  Take a look!

I wanted to buy the Carreras but am not in a position right now to do so.  I am however awaiting shipment of a pair of speakers that Fritz is currently developing and I am going to more than likely buy those, if they have a similar sound to the Carreras.

The new model will be called the Carbon 6, I believe.  It will use a 6” SB Acoustics Rohacell / Carbon Fiber midbass drive unit in conjunction with a soft dome Scan Speak tweeter, with of course a series crossover that Fritz uses in all of his designs.

I really fell for the warm and detailed sound of the Carreras and this seems to be a signature of Fritz’s speakers.

I was using Totem Arros, which I did side by side comparisons to Tyler Acoustics D3mx’s, Energy Veritas 2.2i, and Dynaudio Contour 1.3.  I sold them all off and kept the Totems.

I was given the opportunity to review the Carreras and the just destroyed the Arros, and the Arros are great speakers.  I immediately sold the Arros in order to scrape together all the $ I could in order to buy something from Fritz.  Hopefully the Carbon 6 will satisfy until I can swing a pair of Carreras.


@b_limo ,
Very nice and super simple system. Did you end up purchasing the Carreras? I have read a few reviews and all seems to have high praise for these. Man, they are deep for their size. How do you like their sound? What speakers are you currently using?


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