This is nearing the completion, my revamped office 2.1 system. We had or floors done in hickory about a year ago, and I started planning changes. All that remains is a good thick area rug, a center drawer for the computer desk, and acoustic panels to better control some reflections.

Room Details

Dimensions: 10’ × 12’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • KEF LS50 Special Edition
    One of three special color combinations offered in the passive LS50's shortly before the LS50 Wireless was announced. On KEF (Custom Design) GFS124 stands.
    • NAD Masters M10
    One of the first two that were shipped to my dealer, among the first 100 of them that were air-freighted to the US in early February 2019. I bought it the day they got the two on February 10th, and they were not to get more for several months as I enjoyed mine. :) I stream Tidal HiFi and Amazon Music HD with it.
    • European Audio Team C-Major turntable w/ Ortofon Quintet Blue
    I chose this one because of the features being what I needed in a quiet, smooth-running yet new and warrantied unit. I needed an integral dust cover, and you can see the shelf attached to the window as evidence of why...CAT-TV channel 1. I've added a Tron LED light to help with seeing dust I'm trying to remove before play. The Quintet Blue moving coil cartridge is the first MC cartridge I've owned, and it's a revelation. It beats out the Ortofon 2M Red that I had on my previous TT by leaps and bounds. They will be more!
    • Schiit Audio MANI
    Schiit Mani solid state phono stage. Out-performs many more expensive ones and I feel it's flexibility in settings allows it to work with a wider range of cartridges. Love it!
    • KEF Kube 10B subwoofer
    I got this sub used, but clearly a barely used one as they'd only been on the market about 8 weeks when it popped up on a FB Group. The DSP allows adjustment to work in tighter spaces, and it's PERFECT for me. I have an SVS SB2000 in another system, but this Kube 10b is far better for the audible sound wave range I need for music I listen to.

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