Even though my system lists some components nearly 20 years old does not sound its age or feels outdated. Sounds balanced, transparent, detailed, airy and fast, most revealing, and with a big sound stage. I like listening to many kinds of music, go to live events, and listen to all kind of levels when time permits with no fatigue. Patience in build up and expansion is the key word here as along with gained knowledge, logical upgrades were made that paid off. If it plays good from the start it will get better with time. Any change will follow the same path for balance.
My music collection is over 2000LP's, 300 SACD's & 900CD's.
System is connected to a dedicated line, same circuit with 2 circuit breakers.
My room is not perfect, 15ft x 16ft U shaped, speakers are located on the long wall with more than 30 degrees toe in. Listening distance is about 10ft just about right. I do not consider the room live but some experimentation with room treatment for two walls has started. What and where to upgrade? I like for now how everything binds togeteher but a better Phono stage (or adding a SUT) and substituting cables in some areas would bring out more detail and life.
Till the next one.


Room Details

Dimensions: 15’ × 16’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Bauer Audio DPS 3
    Latest spec unit (platter, pulley, oil, motor, power supply).
    End of the road turntable.
    • SME Series V
    Have this arm trouble free since 1994, propably time has come to rewire it with Kondo or ZYX internal silver wire.
    How does Nakatsuka-san manage to give better sound on every step up model even having the same specs with the low end one?
    How can an ASTRO sound like?
    • Sonic Frontiers Line 2 (modified)
    Did some upgrades to parts only (main unit & power supply) and damped main board and the unit attained new status. No need to change pre for now. Runs better with Voskhod 6N23P grey shield 1975-1976 and it is quiter with an amazing flow. Better tubes than nearly any NOS tube i had. Matched tubes are mandatory.
    • Sonic Frontiers SFP-1 se+
    Parts Connexion upgrade to tech spec, with ultra low noise and speed, very closely matched JFETS for mc input, schottky diodes, Amtrans AMRG & Naked Z-foil resistors, Jupiter HT & Obligato cups, teflon tube sockets, new silver internal wiring, ultra low noise silver mm/mc selector, WBT nextgen RCA, plus some more. I have installed Charcroft Z-foil resistors (for me the best) for MC loading (120Ω).
    At the moment i prefer VALVO 6201(1970) or Siemens triple mica double support E81CC (1967), Philips Miniwatt E88CC SQ (1963) with the unit.
    • Sony SCD-XA9000es
    Still going strong after all these years, and became even better by damping all power supply caps and disconnecting the i-link attachment chord from supply and mother board. Prefers copper cabling. I am a fan of Sony players, i had in the past the X707ES, XA7ES, SCD-1, XA777ES.
    • Sony TA-N1
    A tool so simple and pure with no character and it's beautiful, a rare feat in Audio. 
    • Dunlavy Audio Labs SC-III
    Excellent and not so room fussy (many drivers) not biwired. Needs care in positioning and a good pair of jumpers. It can be further improved with a better base from the ones suppied.
    • Revox B-77 MK2
    Quarter track, 2 speed. Have changed all caps, bearings, springs, pinch roller and calibrated to RMG SM911. Now out of use due to a burnt output pcb.
    • Sony MDS-JA333ES
    i use it occasionally but makes great recordings from analogue. Excellent AD converter.
    • Sony ST-J88B
    Got this unit from ebay in near mint condition. Did some upgrades and changes to parts only, caps, regulators, op amps, damping. It is a Super Tuner. 
    Connected to external FM antenna. Haunting mids, great presence, airy, wide stereo, excellent bass. Spend a lot time listening to it, especially classical.
    • Kondo AudioNote Japan KSL-VcII
    1m pair RCA from SACD to pre
    • Kondo AudioNote Japan KSL-VcII
    1m pair XLR from pre to poweramp
    • Acoustic Revive Power sensual 18000
    2m with Acoustic Revive (Oyaide) rhodium plugs. From wall outlet to poweramp.
    • Acoustic Revive Single core jumpers
    Solid core Triple C copper, best improvement per euro. Same used in AR top of the line SPC Triple C speaker cable.
    • Siltech Cables LS 4-120
    2m pair from power amp to speakers, no biwire
    • Siltech Cables FTM-3S
    1,5m from phono to pre
    • Siltech Cables SPO-12
    1,5M to Turntable power supply terminated with FI-E11G/FI-11G
    • Abbey Road Cables MOVING AIR REFERENCE
    1m pair RCA - RCA
    • Kimber Kable TAK-Ag
    1m pair with SME plug
    • Furutech Power Evolution 2
    1,8m with rhodium plugs. From wall oulet to power distr. (sources/preamp)
    • Furutech FP-TCS31
    1,5m PC triple C cable terminated with FI-E38R/FI-28R. From power distr. to SACD
    • Furutech FP-3TS20
    1,5m PCOCC cable with Furutech FI-E35G/FI-25G. From power distr. to preamp
    • Furutech FP-S022N
    1,5m OFC Nano, with FI-E38G/FI-28G. From power distr. to phono stage
    • Analysis Plus Inc. Copper Oval-In
    1m pair RCA-RCA. Tuner to preamp
    • Canare Cable Premium 75-ohm Digital cable, 1m, rca-rca
    • Bassocontinuo Reference line Accordeon
    Expensive but i consider them as equipment
    • Furutech FP-SWS & FT-SWS
    Wall outlets for poweramp, pre and sources
    • Furutech TP-60E
    Power distributor for sources and pre. 
    Will replace it with e-TP609E
    • Walker Audio Prelude Record Cleaning System

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thank you JO, sounds warm, detailed with amazing sounstage, even though most of the gear does have years of use but not outdated yet. I had a SF power 2 but that TAN1 really outclassed it, no signature at all and with amazing highs. SF gear have potential and some tweaks are most rewarding. DPS 3 has all the positive virtues of a Linn, Well Tempered and Pink Triangle-withe less noise.