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Dimensions: 20’ × 16’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Wilson Audio Sasha
    Long time Salk Speaker owner (6 models) and I wanted a change. I found myself drawn to Wilson's over and over and took the plunge via Albert's shop in Chicago.
    • Digital Amplifier Company 2 Cherry
    Swapped in a DAC 2 Cherry to give it a run and decided to keep it. I am astounded by the musicality and smoothness of this amp by Tommy. In the past I had owned 2 of his conventional amps but never jumped onto his Class D work. It only took 100 hours for it to settle in and it is so musical I did not know my Wilsons could so so sublime.
    • Bricasti Design M1 dac
    A tried and true unit that plays redbook every bit as good as DSD. I probably could trade up but it has been so trouble free and has the latest s/w, so I'll continue to love it.
    • Don Sachs Model 2
    Wow! I had very low expectations after auditioning the LTA ZOTL preamp, but this Sachs is outstanding. Probably the best preamp I have owned since the TRL Dude almost 10 years ago.
    • Puritan Audio Labs PSM156
    The Inakustik 3500 is a great unit but this Puritan is on another level. I am so happy that I found one of these used and saved a bundle. While I thought the Inakustik was the last PC I would own, this Puritan is jaw-dropping. All the brands I have had and not a one of them did it all. They all seemed to fix one issue but get in the way of the music somewhere else.
    • Hollis Audio Labs MS-2 Server
    Rich makes a nice stripped down computer to run my JRiver.
    • Shunyata Research Sigma Series USB
    Bam! What a huge difference maker. I stretched my budget and it was so worth it.
    • Stealth Audio Cables PGS v8
    The older version of gold wire. Just fantastic for my system today in combo with the Rapture by Gabriel Gold and Fideliums.

    The tone, body, weight, clarity, and toe-tapping are excellent.
    • Gabriel Gold Rapture version 1
    It was a tough fight, but the Gabriel's matched up with my PGS gold cable better than the Stealth Indra's.
    • Silversmith Audio Fidelium Speaker Cables
    So far pretty darned good with my new combo of IC's - Stealth PGS in front and Stealth Indra 08's to amp. Wow.
    • DCCA Passion Pro XXL
    Stellar power cables of flat ribbon - very wide and very smooth.
    • Verastarr Grand Illusion Signature
    Various Verastarr PC's working with the DCCA's.
    • GIK Acoustics D1's and Impression Series diffusers
    Great value.
    • RealTraps Diffusers & traps
    • Adona Corporation AV45
    I extrapolated my Adona rack into 3 separate racks sitting side by side by procuring some extrusions and end caps from industrial suppliers. The 3" solid maple blocks were bought here and there over time and I had them painted black by Salk Sound to blend in.

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I put my Wilsons up for sale thinking these open baffle speakers would be a good choice and unload 600 lbs of crates/speakers before I get too old for that heft.  But that was a stupid idea and I have decided to keep them!

I'm playing with Class D amps and tubed preamps right now. The Pass and Luxman are gone. Time for a change.

Anyways, the Wilsons throw such a huge soundstage and the imaging is so good. I got lucky with this room result.

Dogs: wwe had 3 goldens and one passed due to a tumor. We waited months and my wife couldn't help herself, so now we are back to 3 with a new female puppy now 4 months. Sharp teeth! Smart as a whip. Pees alot.


I especially like the thought and effort you put into your room treatments.  I think that killing the first reflection off the ceiling is a great move, but takes some work to pull off!


This is a really nice set-up! You ought to figure out a way to bluetooth your phone calls through your system, that way you could enjoy it all day long, lol.  

The stick of butter on your dogs nose is great!  Golden Retrievers are fantastic dogs.  So sweet 😀


A good woman, top flight audio and golf--the big three.


While working from home I use this room as my office and can only stare at it all day since I'm on the phone. argh


That's a hell of a listening room.I love those Wilsons and what an amazing view.Great well.


Thanks guys. I have historically built rooms from bare concrete on out. This room pre-existed so I had little opportunity to do much in the way of structural, etc. I added insulation to the floor since the kitchen is below and then a layer of MLV, which really helped, right before the laminate. I've used MLV before, but with double drywall and hat channel. I was pleasantly surprised how much it helped just laying on the plywood.

Hi Doug!


I hope you don't take this in a bad way, but your system takes me back aestheticly to the late 90's. Replace the Dac for a CD payer and we are there. The silver stands, Pass Labs pre and those bad ass Wilsons.  I love it. I know your stuff is newer, but the image just took me back. Awesome system.


A serious tour-de-force Bugred looking great! I'm sure it sounds amazing too and love the room treatments.


Hey! Pictures! Cool! Congrats on the beautiful room and system!! 

It would be interesting to hear Pass pre and Luxman Amp. I don't believe I've seen that combo prior, and I suspect it could be very good! 

Nice to see you again (virtually)!  Kudos! 


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