Latest iteration of my system. Rotate all amps and dacs through main and bedroom systems. Main system is Klipschorns, bedroom system Merlins. Mainly listening to Roon with Tidal, Qobuz playlists and cd rips via Synology NAS.

Moving to Euphony operating system on custom build music server with choice of Roon or Euphony Stylus V4 music player software. Library comprised of Tidal, Qobuz streams NAS rips.

Room Details

Dimensions: 36’ × 13’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Klipsch Heritage Klipschorn
    Crites cast frame woofer, John Allen A55G mid driver, B&C DE120 tweeters. Volti tractrix horns for mids, tweeter mounted on custom baffle, Crites AA crossovers modded with point to point Duelund tin plate copper wire on mids and tweeter, furutech U-2T on woofer Vampire binding posts, Audyn True Copper Max, Jupiter VT, Duelund Silver bypass capacitors.  Jantzen  255-906 litz wire wax impregnated .25mh and 255-270 solid core 2.5mh inductors. ,Removal tweeter protection circuit
    • Coincident Speaker Technology Statement Linestage, MKII
    Psvane WE101D, LinLai Elite mesh plate 101D, LinLai Elite solid plate, SR orange fuse, MKII upgrade and Amtrans rotary selector, Takman carbon film resistors, Audio Note Seiryu capacitors
    • Tube Fantasy 300B monoblocks
    Custom built 300B amps, Psvane Acme 300B, Shuguang black bottle 300B, Mullard NOS GZ34 rectifier tube, RCA black long plate 12au7, Amperex Bugle boy mesh plate 6267, Duelund CAST PIO tinned copper coupling capacitors, EPCOS Sikorel caps, Duelund silver bypass cap on PS, Texas Components TX2575 resistors, combo of silver litz and Duelund 20AWG tin plate copper internal wiring, SR orange fuses
    • PrimaLuna DiaLogue 4
    SED and SED black label EL34, Svetlana EL34, Electro Harmonix 6ca7, Tung-Sol KT120, RCA NOS black plate 12AX7 and 12AU7, Mundorf  silver-gold-oil bypass cap power supply, Mundorf M lytic and MIflex KPCU caps in signal path, Takman Carbon film resistors, SR orange fuses
    • Coincident Speaker Technology 845 Turbo SE
    845 tube SET amp, Psvane 845 TII black bottle, Shuguang black bottle 300b, RCA 6em7, use only in preamp bypass mode
    • Art Audio Carissa Signature
    845 SET amp. Jupiter copper foil caps, WBT binding posts
    • Technics SP10 Mk.2
    Custom mass loaded plinth, Jelco 12"  850L arm, Denon 104R, Jelco Easy VTA adjuster
    • ModWright SWP-9.0 se
    Mullard NOS rectifier
    • VH Audio AirSine ac
    • DIY PC Helix
    DIY pc built with Counter rotated Take Five cryo'd  neutral and ground wire, Duelund 16AWG hot wire
    • BPT BP 3.5 Signature
    Oyaide R! and Porter ports, Jantzen SuperiorZ caps
    • Cardas Audio Golden Reference speaker cable
    • Cardas Audio Golden Reference Interconnect
    • Duelund Coherent Audio !6AWG tin plated copper speaker wires
    no connectors
    • Duelund Coherent Audio Interconnects
    20AWG IC's with Cardas Silver and  Partsconnexion Connex WBT RCA
    • Merlin Music Systems VSM-MM
    Duelund VSF caps internal crossover, zobel network, BBAM. Also Texas Component TX2575 resistors, Jantzen Superior Z caps, NewClassD discrete voltage regulators, Nichicon Muse caps, upgraded batteries in BBAM. All in custom enclosure with additional RCA input
    • AudioQuest Diamond USB
    • AudioQuest Vodka Ethernet Cable
    • TP-Link MC100CM Fast Ethernet Media Converter
    Optical conversion for ethernet, both powered by Teradak linear power supplies.
    • Apple Mac mini
    Optimized for audio only, Uptone MMK and JS-2 power supply
    • TeraDak PS
    Linear power supplies on router, 2 TP Link MC100, Synology NAS, Uptone USB Regen
    • Rockpals 300Watt portable power station
    Rechargeable lithium ion battery power supply. Powers dacs and Uptone JS-2 power supply for mac mini.
    • Schiit Audio C1 SAGA preamp
    KenRad black bottle and RCA black plate 6sn7
    • Furutech Flex 50ncf
    AC conditioner/filter. Used on amps only, no rounding of transients as every other conditioner I've tried.
    • RPG Skylines
    Very effective room diffusion.
    • Synergistic Research HFT - High Frequency Transducer
    Used judiciously these can be very effective.
    • Musetec LKS MS-DA005
    New dac from Musetec, dual sabre 9038 pro.
    • Okto DAC 8 stereo
    Streaming DAC.
    • Sonore OpticalRendu
    Streamer, usb renderer, Roon endpoint
    • Custom build ATX board server
    Intel I9 9900K processor, fanless HDPlex H3 case, JCAT XE netcard, 8gb Apacer Industrial RAM ECC DDR4 2400, Intel Optane 64gb M2PCIe, AS Rock H370M ITX/AC Motherboard, HDPlex 400W DC-ATX with upgraded ATX cable-Ghent GT01 JSSG360 to Gotham OFC18AWG, upgraded CPU/EP cable Ghent GT02 JSSG360 to Gotham OFC18AWG

    Running Euphony Stylus REV4
    • Apple Macmini
    This mini, I7 and PCIe ssd, Monterey OSx, vs I5, sata ssd, El Capitan OSx in other mini. Uptone MMK and JS-2 lps for each. Both fully optimized as music servers, only essential services retained.
    • JCAT Optimo S ATX LPS
    Complete linear power supply for ATX board custom server

Comments 12

Per recent custom build music server.

This particular server build is result of number of individuals endeavoring to assemble the finest music server available. This endeavor began in 2017 with various modifications to mac minis. This evolved into assembling servers based on ATX (Windows/PC computer motherboards) boards. A number of these builds ensued over the following years, each one surpassing the previous. Greater knowledge base and incremental improvements in individual parts accounting for these server improvements. This particular server was the culmination of those endeavors late 2019, early 2020. At this point individuals involved in these builds determined diy route had reached it's limit, each purchased Taiko Extreme.

My server was the personal server of one of these individuals, subsequently sold to individual I purchased from. This individual also moved on to Taiko Extreme.

Previous owner continued to make improvements with addition of HDPLEX DC-ATX 400W and upgraded cables. HDPLEX powered with Paul Hynes LPS. Euphony Version 4 operating system and Stylus music player also installed.

In considering sound quality of this unit it was rather recently compared to Aurender W20SE in which this unit was preferred. At the point of that comparison this unit was lesser HPLEX power supply and Roon w/HQPlayer.

So, moving to present.  I have purchased JCAT Optimo S, the first 100% linear power supply ever for atx motherboards. Not going into much detail here other than to mention three discrete power supplies within one unit, each capable of supplying 23amps continuous, 30amp MS, microprocessor control power delivery. This unit weighs 55 lbs and comes with all looms of cable required to power atx board with relatively powerful processor. This was not easy undertaking for designers, providing that level of amperage with exact precsion is not easy thing to do, PC's have been around for more than thirty years, this lps is a first.


So, in recent weeks installed new modem, Netgear CM500, Broadcom chip based vs. ISP supplied Arris, based on inferior Intel chip. Netgear also has external power supply vs internal in Arris. Added LPS to Netgear, result is likely biggest bang for buck network upgrade I've experienced, and quite substantial for any expenditure. Simply greater transparency, resolution, and most importantly, more sense of ease, more analog like presentation, this due to lower jitter in Broadcom chip modems.

Also installed four Duelund CAST PIO tinned copper coupling capacitors in 300B amps, wow, relegates every single other audiophile film caps I've heard to distant second place. More transparency, resolving, but even more important, just far more natural than any of the others. I believe Humble cap comparison rates these like 3 or 4 notches above all the others, I'd rate the tinned copper even higher, they're like no capacitor, just so open and flowing!

Expecting new custom built ATX motherboard based server/streamer and JCAT ATX LPS  to power it in house later this week. Major, major upgrade on paper over present modded Mac Mini which sounds wonderful. Guys who built this server moved on to Taiko Extreme, only server they thought bested it. And this was with HDPlex DC-ATX internal power supply with much lower quality lps than JCAT. The JCAT alone cost $5700, 55lbs of intense goodness!


Those must sound great Scott and no worries you responded to me super fast cheers!


Apologize for not responding to some comments, not getting notifications. @jond Output transformers custom wound with silver litz wire.


Scott I am curious what output transformers you're using in your Tube Fantasy 300B mono's? And looking great!


Hi Dan,
We must have similar tastes, I've owned or certainly considered purchasing many components in your system.

Coincident had both single chassis 845 (mine) and mono block version for a short time, both no longer available. Perhaps they'll come back some day.

I do need to upgrade my vinyl, looking seriously at AT art9xa.

Thanks for the positive comments, hope you continue to enjoy your system.



SNS, I really admire your system. I didn't know Coincident built an 845 amp. I've been inclined in that direction for my custom-built Tannoys, but as of yet,  haven't found one that is affordable in my situation.

I have a DIY Garrard 401 with Dynavector 501 arm. I used a Zu Denon 103R for years, but, currently, I'm loving the heck out of an AT ARP 9.

Well, continue enjoying your well-built system, and the great-sounding music  it makes.


Ag insider logo xs@2xislandmandan

@jaytor I modified Crites AA crossovers, first to A crossovers, which meant getting rid of tweeter protection, mods proceeded from that.

Yep, the Acme 300b just starting to really come along, at 80 hours now, starting to bloom, fill out, relax. I can tell these major upgrade from the Shuguang Black Treasure. Acme's would be real contender for your new 300B amps.


Cool system. Did you build the crossovers for the Klipsch speakers? They look pretty impressive. 

Are you still happy with the Psvane 300Bs?

Ag insider logo xs@2xjaytor

I'm using Jelco TK850L with Denon 103R. I've been concentrating on digital side of system now for a couple years, analog has fallen behind, looking at Lyra Delos, Audio Technica  Art9xa, Soundsmith, some others to bring up analog to higher level.

300B tubes used Shuguang Black Treasure and Psvane Acme, Acme play on much higher plane. Still burning in the Acme, so final analysis waits, so far seem like keepers. I may post mini review on one of the existing 300b threads here.

@jond The amps are that much better with Acme, reaching potential with nice power tubes. 300b amp now ahead of Coincident 845, will need top flight 845 tubes to compete at this point.


Nice looking system. I'll bet you've got a lot of synergy there.

What arm and cartridge are you using with the SP-10mkII?

What 300b tubes have you been able to roll? And did you write up your experience somewhere? Curious to see where you've ended up.


Awesome system sns! I would love to see a pic of your Tube Fantasy amps they sound interesting.


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