I’ve owned ARC since 1979 when I acquired a D52B and SP5 that was soon replaced by an SP6B. I was a very long time Magnepan owner and the ARC gear along with a pair of MG1s stayed with me through 1999. I owned a variety of TTs, Phillips 312, Dual 1229Q, and Thorens 125MkII that saw an Infinity black widow and Magnepan Unitrac (think BBs in a basket). Cartridges included Microacoustics 2002e (piezoelectric), Dynavector Ruby (needed Marcof PPA w/ SP6B). The MG1s gave way to 2.5Rs and then 3.6R and finally 3.7s.  The long term ARC gear was replaced with a VT100MkII/LS16MKII (which was not as satisfying as hoped), then a VT200MkI was tried in hopes of driving the 3.6Rs to fuller potential. The final foray w/ Magnepan was with the 3.7s. I realized, finally, that the room was not truly sufficient regardless of amplifiers. The whole system and my speaker philosophy changed when I replaced the ARC gear again but with Reference series components. For several years I was quite content with the Ref5SE/Ref75SE and SF Amati Homage combination. Last year, by chance, I heard the Wilson Sasha DAWs. I had little experience or opinion (only in recent times is it acceptable to offer an opinion on a subject without any first hand experience or knowledge) about Wilson other than what others had written.  I was extremely impressed with the depth of soundstage, inner detail and resolution  of orchestral “voices”, and correctness of instrumental timbre and decay. So the current system is the result. I am debating replacing the Phono 2SE with the 3SE. The 6SE presents a larger, more forward, and detailed soundstage than the 5SE so the 3SE may prove a logical and noticeable improvement. ARC is certainly not the pinnacle of high end electronics (the audiophile buzz has long since moved on from ARC) and many fault the company for frequent component replacements, but despite the marketing strategy and the less than stellar offerings along the way, ARC has delivered reliable and consistent quality with far better than average customer support over a 50 year period.

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 25’  Large
Ceiling: 13’

Components Toggle details

    • Audio Research Reference 6SE
    Replaced longtime 5SE
    • Audio Research Reference 160S
    Replaced 75SE
    • Audio Research Reference Phono 2 SE
    • Audio Research Reference CD9
    • Clearaudio Avantgarde Magnum
    Clearaudio TTS-3 linear tonearm with daVinci v2 MC cartridge
    • Wilson Audio Sasha DAW
    Replaced Sonus Faber Amati Homage which replaced Magnepan 3.7 (2013)
    • Siltech Cables Princess
    • Siltech Cables Prince
    Speaker cables

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Impressive equipment list. Happy listening. 
Would you mind posting a few more photos of your system. Thanks.


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