Two Channel/Multi-Channel SACD/DVD-Audio Set Up

Preamp A:  McCormack MAP-1 Six Channel Analog Preamp w/Pangea AC14SE MKII PC

Preamp B: McIntosh C26

2 Channel Power Amp A: McCormack DNA-1 with Acoustic Zen Tsunami III PC *updated 5/8/2020

2 Channel Power Amp B: McIntosh MC-2105

CD/DVD Player: Cambridge Audio CXU Universal Player A/D Conversion/Bass Management with Internal Processing.  Pangea AC14SE MKII Power Cable

Television: Samsung 58" 1080P HDTV

Server/Streaming Device: Apple Mac Mini

Digital Audio Signal Processing: Mini DSP 2x4HD

2 Channel Audio Speakers: JBL L65A

Multi-Channel Audio DVD/SACD/Home Theater Speakers: (5) JBL LRS305 Powered Studio Monitors in Matte Red Finish 

Subwoofers: (2) JBL 12" DIY Ported box tuned to 24 hz painted JBL Orange

Subwoofer Amplifier: Crown CT-1610

Subwoofer EQ: Behringer 31 band Equalizer for gain adjustments between L&R Subwoofers

Record Player: Pro-ject Debut Carbon with Acrylic platter & 2M Blue Cartridge upgrades

Phono Pre-amp: Vincent Audio PHO-700 Phono Tube Preamp with Mullard NOS Tube

Mini-disc Player: Sony MDS-JE330

Cassette Player: Sony TC-WE435

Middle Atlantic BRK-10 Studio Rack

(2) Pangea Vulcan Racks

Interconnect Cables: Blue Jeans 75 Ohm RCA, custom made XLR to RCA cables for LRS305's and A/B switch for preamp/amp and subwoofers between 2 channel & 6 channel sources.

Speaker Wire: Kimber Kable 4TC,  Clear & White version 6' pair, spade/banana for L65's

Subwoofer Speaker Wire: Kimber Kable 4TC (old blue & black version) banana & bare wire ends, 8' pair.

Panamax Power Conditioner with Pangea 9SE

Remote Control: Sony Touch screen Universal Remote

Misc: Wireless Keyboard & mouse.  Snap-AV Acoustic Panels (3) with adhesive carpet tiles attached to HVAC System above rafters with 8'x10" area rug on concrete basement floor.


Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 13’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    Hello, how do the Macs match up with the JBL's ?


    Thanks, things just got sweeter with an Acoustic Zen Tsunami III power cable upgrade!  SO much more musical than the Pangea I was using, night and day difference.  Thank you Robert Lee, you make GREAT products!!


    Nice set up gotta love the McCormack stuff also


    Thank you Moofoo!


    yep - bet it rocks! very nice!


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