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Dimensions: 16’ × 11’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution Loudspeakers
    Guarneri Evolution loudspeakers on Sonus Faber stands
    • Synergistic Blue Fuse
    • Peachtree Audio iDAC
    Don't use much now that Lumin T2 is in the house but it plays iTunes playlists I spent forever making.
    • Sbooster Sbooster for Lumin T2
    • Lumin T2
    This is just about ALL I use now to listen to music. I have been converting CD's to flac flies and hardly use the CD player.  The sound is for me akin to a very very high end vinyl system (that would cost more than my entire system). The onboard DAC in the Lumin T2 passed into the tube amp doesn't sound "digital". 

    The weak link is the Qobuz software being able to do more things on a computer and not an iPad/iPhone. I make playlists and only on the computer can files be added to playlists but the order can't be changed! Hate this.  Hopefully updates will fix this.
    • AudioQuest Niagara 7000
    Had the furman power conditioner, IT-ref 15L but it seemed to flatten out the sound when compared to plugging AMP to wall. Yes it was an earlier excellent Garth Powell design but the Niagara keeps out of the way. The new 3000 would be what I would get now.

    Entire system (except sub) powers on/off with the 7000 and that's one of those little simple pure joy things.
    • PrimaLuna PrimaLuna CD player
    Tubed CD player also works with PrimaLuna Integrated Amp remote.
    • PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated
    Using Tung-Sol KT 120's and upgraded Mullard 1287's (2 center tubes only)
    • Nordost Frey interconnect
    • B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) DB4S Subwoofer
    • Zenwave Audio DPS-4 Power Cable
    • Morrow Audio SP7 Speaker Cable
    • Apple iPad
    Needed for running the Lumin T2 and Qobuz.
    • Furutech GTX-D NCF(R) Ultimate Nano-Crystal Rhodium-Plated AC Duplex Receptacle
    For me It starts at the wall and if I could retrofit dedicated lines I'de do that too. 

    • PS Audio 2 of PS Audio - Noise Harvester (Black)
    Look at them go especially when the lights with dinners are on in the next room
    • AudioQuest AC power cable
    Assorted cables...mid range
    • Nordost Blue Heaven LS
    2 pairs

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Hi,  Check your tubes in your transport.  There should be a 12AX7's in the center positions and 12AU7's on the sides.  I have one.  Incredible analog like sound!  You have a great system.



joel_hifi  Yes I've heard other streamers and what was notable to me were the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge and the PS Audio DirectSteam DAC(great)....I have heard others too but those two were on noteworthy systems.  I think it would be hard to go wrong with any of the better steamers but I chose one with a built in DAC rather than a stand alone DAC as I knew for me it would be steaming and nothing else. What did it for me was listing to "Kind of Blue" on a record and then on a steamer. I very(!) much like the Lumin T2 and feel no need to change. Laszlo Gardony is on as I type this.....Happy

I got the Lumin because "Uncle Kevin" & Co. extolled it as well as many many others.  The easy L1 integration was a big factor too.

When the Guarneri's went on sale I got them. Given the room I wanted/needed speakers to clear furniture. 


Very nice. I would love to see a few more photos showing the rest of your system including the tube amplification and cdp.


Congrats, very nice system!
I'm driving Harbeth 30.1 speakers with my PrimaLuna Dialogue Two integrated amp and found it to be a pretty good synergy, but been considering the Guarneri's for some time...
How do you like the Lumin T2 and how does the L1 integrate? Have you had a chance to compare to other streamers/servers/DACs?


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