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    • Audio Horizons VRX 300B power amplifier with EML 300B tubes

    Power rating:  7.5 watts

    Input Impedance:  100 k ohms

    Output impedance: 4 or 8 ohms (select by spade connector position on output transformer terminal).

    Voltage gain: 26 dB

    Frequency response: 10 - 40 kHz +/- 3dB

    Total Harmonic Distortion:  Less than 1%

    Residual noise floor: Less than 0.7 mV (rms)

    Tube complement: 5687(1), 6BX7(2), 300B(2)

    Power tube 300B bias adjustment: preset at 65mA

    Mains power requirement: AC 120 volts, 60 Hz, 300 Watts

    Dimensions: 17” width, 11.5” depth, 8.5” height

    Weight: 40 pounds

    Mundorf power capacitors; Cardas wire

    • Audio Horizons VRX DAC
    • Audio Horizons VRX line preamplifier

    Voltage gain: 13 dB

    Frequency response: 10 -120 kHz +1,-2 dB

    Total harmonic distortion: 0.1% or lower

    Separation: better than 100 dB

    Power supply section

    - Ultra-premium low noise C core linear power transformer and choke, power film capacitors.

    - Tube based high voltage rectification.

    - Soft start.

    - Constant current and shunt regulation.

    - Audio Horizons Platinum Reference line fuse.

    Preamplifier section 

    - 2 stages 3 tubes, high current driving capability.

    - 4 interstage transformers; no capacitors in signal path.

    Other features

    - Custom 48 position autoformer volume control.

    - Exceptional linearity and bandwidth (10 Hz to 120kHz).

    - Zero global feedback design.

    - High Q wire throughout.

    • Audio Horizons VRX phono preamplifier

    Frequency response:  -3 dB @ 20 - 40kHz; +/- 0.5 dB @ 50 - 20kHz

    Gain:  40 dB

    Channel mismatch:  <0.5 dB

    Channel separation:  60dB @ 1kHz

    RIAA de-emphasis network:  LCR

    RIAA accuracy:  +/-0.5 dB

    Feedback:  none (no local or global)

    Maximum output voltage:  10V @ 1 kHz

    Input impedance:  47K ohm

    Output impedance:  1000 ohm

    Recommended output load:  10K ohm

    Absolute phase:  non-inverted

    Input connector:  RCA unbalanced (XLR upon request)

    Output connector:  RCA unbalanced (XLR upon request)

    Power consumption:  typically 50 watts

    Input voltage:  120V or 240V

    • Technics SP10 MKII turntable
    Krebs upgrade.
    Heavy platter.
    Outer ring and record weight (Wayne’s Audio).
    Custom base.
    • DIY Loudspeaker, full range 12" in bass reflex cabinet, horn super tweeter,

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