I have been an audiophile for over 55 years, since i was 14.  I have owned over 20 turntables in that time.  I have not owned one since the mid 80's.  I do not stream or rip.

I have tried to implement the best digital front end sources I could afford.  i think I have achieved great sound with both simplicity and elegance and am very happy. 

My loudspeaker make and model were usually paired with inferior budget electronics and so their true potential was never realized by their owners who then moved on.  i have owned, among others, PMC powered monitors and very expensive Avalon floorstanders. 

The Gallo Ref 3.5's have no crossovers, enclosures or ports, the usual weaknesses of most loudspeakers.  I feel the CDT high frequency unit is superior to most dome tweeters for both soundstage and accuracy.  I felt that raising the speakers 8 inches on solid ballistic rubber blocks improved all parameters.  I have supplemented the Ref 3.5's with the Wilson Benesch Torus System to add the lowest octave,

A brief system description follows.

Amplifier: Bricasti Design M28 Mono Block Power Amps

Preamplifier  None.  See DAC below.

Speakers:  Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference 3.5 on 8 inch ballistic rubber blocks. Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator pair & 2 Wilson Benesch Torus Crossovers/Amplifiers.

Sources: CD Player/DAC: Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Reference Series 2 MQA.

Transport: Weiss Engineering Jason Transport.

Speaker Cables/Interconnects: TARA Labs Zero Evolution Balanced Interconnect with HFX Floating Ground Station. TARA Labs The 0.3 Loudspeaker Cable. TARA Labs Air RS-1 Interconnects & Black Mesh Oval 9 Loudspeaker Cable on Wilson Benesch Torus System. Furutech Digiflux AES/EBU Cable.

Power Conditioners, Racks: Analysis Plus Ultimate Power Oval (5) & Power Oval 2 MK II power cords. Ayre Acoustics L-5xe AC Power Filter. Audience aR1p Power Conditioner. Slauda River Audio Stand

Tweaks: HRS DPX Damping Plate on Ayre L-5xe

Room Size (LxWxH): 18 x 18 x 8

Room Comments/Treatments: Separate listening space with a 7' x 6' alcove & open stairway to upper level. Tile over concrete floor, 2" x 6" studs on block & brick outside wall. Split HVAC unit is very quiet. Two 20 amp dedicated lines. GIK Acoustics Screen Panels (4) & Tri-corner Bass Traps with built in Scatter Plates (4).

Music Collection:  1000 CD's including 80% Classical & 20% Jazz, Female Vocalists & Film Soundtracks.

System Goals/Comments: Performance Precision = Accuracy, Balance & Clarity. To reproduce the recording without deviation or artifacts. Minimal equipment complexity for maximum enjoyment in a dedicated space.

System Strengths: Expansive & holographic soundstage. Wide dynamic range. Precise focus. Specific imaging. Detailed bass. Unlimited power handling with no strain, compression or distortion.

Weaknesses:  Nothing of any consequence that might matter to me.

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    Very cool out of the box, pun intended, looking system. And love your chair!


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