After some years of effort, I have arrived at a system based on high value components:
  • Denon DP-2000 drive, with a Stax UA-7 tonearm and a Sumiko EVO III cartridge
  • Original Rega Planet CD player
  • HP Pavilion i7 quad-core laptop (for internet streaming and DVD playback)
  • Yamaha C-60 preamp (as my phono stage and headphone amp)
  • Wyred4Sound DAC 2 (DAC and digital preamp; analog via the Pass Through feature)
  • NAD 218 THX amp (225 watts per channel)
  • Vandersteen Model 2ce speakers
The speakers, CD player, DAC, and HP laptop were bought new. All the other pieces were bought used. (The gear on the lower left is retired and will be up for sale soon.)

The latest addition was the room you see here. It is a combination office and sound room:
  • This is a ground-level (1/2 basement) room with a concrete floor, and concrete and wood walls
  • The room is 18' long by 14' wide with an 8' ceiling
  • There are bass traps built into all 4 corners
  • There are bass traps built on to the side of the shelves behind the speakers and the main record shelves on the side wall
  • The room has a dead-end / live-end (performance) acoustic through the use of ASC Sound Panels and Sound Planks
  • The flooring is 'engineered' wood 
  • The AC outlet feeding the system is on a dedicated 15 amp line
Various best practices for tweaks are applied including use of component spikes, weights, quality cables (mostly Signal Cable products), and proper cable dressing. This includes the  simple cable lifters I built from common notched craft sticks. (An inexpensive and easy tweak!) 

The computer rack includes an Adcom GTP-450 preamp to power the Audioengine 2 speakers on the computer desk. It also doubles as a headphone amp.

The room provides a great image and superbly clear and deep bass. The sound is clean at all volumes, and it sounds great from anywhere in the room.

Planned upgrades include:
  • Living Sounds Audio LSA-20 Statement speakers
  • A better amp. I am looking at the LSA Voyager GAN, the Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000R mono blocks, and Spread Spectrum Technologies Son of Ampzilla 2. 
  • Some acoustic diffusers for the ceiling.
Thanks for looking. Happy listening!


Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Denon DP-2000 drive, with Stax UA-7 tonearm and Sumiko EVO III cartridge
    • Rega (Original) Planet CD Player
    • HP Pavilion i7 quad core laptop
    • Yamaha C-60 preamp
    • Wyred4Sound DAC 2
    • NAD 218 THX amp
    • Vandersteen 2ce speakers
    • ASC (Acoustic Sciences Corporation) Sound Panels and Sound Planks
    • Custom Design Built-in bass traps

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lovely !!!!


Thank you for looking and for the comments!

I have not pursued dedicated streaming gear yet because the DAC 2 sounds great and I only listen to Spotify. Also, I will get more bang for my buck right now upgrading the speakers and the amplifier.

Happy listening everyone!  Be safe.



Can go wrong with Vandersteins, and nice music library. Love the frog.


Congratulations on a system that appears to be well balanced! Looking at your list of components, it is a trip down memory lane; NAD, Yamaha, Rega, Denon, Vandersteen - I have owned them all. 

Your comment, "After some years of effort," is true. I have spent 20+ years seriously pursuing my audio dream, with annual investment and some sweat equity. It is incredible what can be achieved with consistency! 

I recommend some outboard processing for your streaming music, as I see your laptop mentioned. You don't have to go into it with big dollars, unless you wish to. Check out my reviews of SONORE products at, where you will see my article on the Signature Rendu SE. The pertinent part for you is that SONORE makes affordable Rendu units, and I strongly suggest you also check out the systemOptique (fiber optic) converter, which is stunningly effective in improving streaming audio. You can take your rig up several steps without a huge investment. Digital will sound much better than just from laptop. 

Enjoy the fruits of your efforts! :) 


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