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Dimensions: 21’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 16’

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    • Triode Wire Labs Spirit II
    Long interconnect preamp to mono amps (2.5 meters)
    • Triode Wire Labs American Speaker Cables
    • Audio Note (UK) AN Vx
    Component interconnects
    • Mapleshade Audio Racks
    • Bluesound Node 2i
    Using Node 2i internal DAC
    • Ortofon MC Quintet Mono
    mono cartridge
    • Lyra Delos
    Stereo cartridge
    • VPI Scoutmaster
    with SDS and upgraded feet
    Classic 3 10.5 tonearm
    • Music First Audio SUT 632
    • Audio Note (UK) M3 Phono
    • Audio Note (UK) Conquest silver
    Mono Amps
    • Audio Note (UK) AN E Spe HE
    • Nordost Frey interconnect from Node 2i

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Hi MCA, ah ok, was hoping you were in NYC. An AN TT3 would be a pricy step. You may have also thought about AN cabling which if you went with silver would also be pricy. Since you are on the AN audio road to bliss these might be some choices. I was very lucky to come across my AN double C Core output transformers. AN is no longer selling them to DIYers.  Also happy to have Kondo silver ICs. Take care MCA. Jet


Thanks.  Your setup looks great and really like the story and photos you posted.  I agree that AN brings dynamics and emotional engagement.  It has been a long path to get there and I am done searching.  Maybe someday I would think about a TT3 but not now.  I am in NYC but my Audio Note system is way out in the northwest corner of CT.


Hi MCA. Beautiful AN system you've built. I'm in Brooklyn and have a hybrid AN system that is musical, fast coherent very engaging, so much so I doubt that I will ever change a thing. Once this virus is over, I'm wondering if you would be up for me to visit and hear your lovely system. I am curios how close my system sounds to yours. Thanks Jet


Thanks.  The record storage racks are from a company called Atocha Design.  I got tired of trying to find my records looking at spines.  A friend had something similar and I searched and found this place.  Very good service and the owner is very helpful.


What a beautiful and well thought out system. Did you build those cool record racks yourself?


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