Custom made speakers incorporating the TAD 1601A woofers,
JBL 2470 Martinelli wood horn for midrange
JBL 2404 for tweeter
 All custom Crossover using Clarity Cap CMR capacitors, Dueland Caps.
 Well Tempered Reference turntable and arm, Set up perfectly by Brian of
 AT Art9 cartridge
Digital is all custom Eastern Electric Supreme modified by Wayne Robertson using the Soekris 1541 board with changing out to all balance output while switchable between tube now a 12SN7 and not 12au7 or SS output. All internal components of DAC have been switched out for better parts.
 Iso-Regen and  waitig upon Ether-Regen to arrive in a week or so.
 Running a NUC with Euphony Stylus software.

Room Details

Dimensions: 35’ × 20’  X large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Pass Labs XP22 Preamplifier
    • Pass Labs X250.8 amplifier
    • Pass Labs XP-17 Phono preamplifier

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Axpona? What's that? ;) 
You betcha. 
I'll send a message. 


Kudos on your system! Looking great! 

I have heard these speakers, and they're wonderful. Looks like you have yourself a great room, too! 

You ever want a pair of ears to assist you in enjoying, give a shout! You know where to find me...  :)