Comparable in audio quality to my TAD 2402, Tannoy System 215 DMT II, and JBL DMS-1—all highly regarded studio monitors—but with what seems like almost infinite output capability. Yet also very refined at conversational listening levels. Of course, 500 litre, 105 kg cabinets won't work in every listening room! Plus the SuperDual cabinets, though only 55 litres, weigh 35 kg each because of the immense weight of the drivers.

Room Details

Dimensions: 27’ × 26’  X large
Ceiling: 18’

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    • MyTek Digital Manhattan II DAC/Headphone Amp/Preamp
    Accepts streamed music files (mostly WAV + AIFF) from home-brew Roon Rock using hardware from
    • Boulder 1012
    15+ years old, but still one of the better preamplifiers out there. Combines line-stage with balanced-only inputs and outputs, MM-MC phono input, and four digital inputs.
    • Day Sequerra M4 broadcast tuner
    I like the Day Sequerra M4 better than the Magnum-Dynalab MD90 I used to own. The M4 has both analogue and digital outputs, so that I have the option of running it into a volume controlled DAC and thereby eliminating the preamp entirely—though not on this system.
    • Technics SP-10MKII turntable
    Refurbished SP-10MKII with DIY Panzerholz plinth, Funk Firm tonearm and Van den Hul MC cartridge.
    • dbx DriveRack 4800
    One of the best digital speaker processors, recently discontinued, and now, in the used market, appreciating rapidly. Glad I got mine several years ago when they were half the price used as they are now!
    • Tannoy SuperDual CPA10S + VS218 DR
    These CPA10S are mounted in custom cabinets more cosmetically appropriate for home listening with custom crossovers by Audio Hardware, Inc. in Toronto.

    These 10" SuperDuals combine the output capability of a PA speaker (102 dB sensitivity, 400 Wrms power handling) with the detail and subtlety of the finest domestic speaker designs.

    They are crossed over at 150 Hz to a pair of dual 18" Tannoy subwoofers, the VS218 DR in 500 litre, 105 kg cabinets (each channel 2000 Wrms power handling, 106 dB sensitivity).

    With some gentle EQ, system frequency response is within 3 dB from 30 Hz to 20 kHz. System sensitivity is limited by the SuperDuals at just above 102 dB.

    For subwoofers, Tannoy did not typically manufacture its own drivers. Until the parent company of Behringer purchased Tannoy a few years back, Tannoy had the British speaker manufacturer Fane design custom 18" drivers for its subwoofer systems. Such reports as I have heard suggest the Behringer replacements for these Fane drivers are much inferior.
    • Crown, Yamaha K2, P7000S
    I've had many audiophile power amplifiers since I first got into the audio hobby in 1970, but I've discarded most of them in favour—yikes!—of some of the better, much less ex offerings from pro audio. 

    I don't recommend the Crown K2, which came out around 2000, for full-range duties, but it's a brilliant bass amp, comparable, for such duties, to the $15K Perreaux 750 mono amps I used to own. Output into the 4-ohm Tannoy subs is 800 Wrms/channel.

    By rights, the Yamaha P7000S (650 w/ch @ 8 ohms) should just be another ho-hum, powerful-but-not-particularly-refined PA amp, readily available on the used market for a modest outlay. It is readily available for little money, but above 200 Hz or so, performs on a par with consumer models that cost thousands more. In a recent shootout with amps from Ayre and Bryston, a group of us found the Ayre in particular was the superior amp, but by so little that the ten-times-greater price removed all temptation to invest in one.
    • Mogami; Gotham 2534, 3173, 3104; GAC4
    Several years ago, after experimenting, at great expense, with audiophile cables, I settled on what many well-funded recording and mastering studio use. Mostly Mogami 3173 for AES and long-run analogue cables, Mogami 2434 and Gotham GAC4 (both "StarQuad" type) for short-run analogue connections. Mogami 3103 and 3104 for speaker cables. And a hodgepodge of cheap AC cables. Not saying cable don't make a difference; just saying I never noticed a difference between the $400-$1000/ft. audiophile cables and the $1-$7/ft. pro cables.

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