this is my first decent stereo ,i listen to all kinds of music,chamber,jazz(old&new),rock,electonica,bluegrass,acoustic.I love the sound of a tube preamp with a SS poweramp ,.my system is sounding much better with the upgrades ive made,,!!i would apprieciate any sugg.,comments ,thanks for all the help so far guys!!!

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    • Harmonic Precision Caravelle
    monitors with dedicated stands
    • Audio Concepts Force
    10" downfiring sub,Arch. Black,Sounds great!Texture,slam,tone,blends in very well with my Caravelles
    • Supratek Chardonnay
    2pc pre,Very happy with this pre!Gets music right!
    • PS Audio Trio-A-100
    150 WPC class D amp,very good sounding amp,sounds better than it should for price.No hurry to upgrade,but eventually will.
    • VPI Industries scout
    basic scout
    • VPI Industries jmw 9
    jmw 9
    • Jolida JD 9
    Tube powered phono preamp
    • ZYX R100H
    MC cart,Love the sound !!!Very quiet in the grooves,great tracker
    • Magnum Dynalab FT-101a
    • Monarchy Audio DIP/Classic
    newest version w/o upsampler
    • G&D Reference
    • stax srm/1 mk11
    headphone amp
    • Sonoran Plateau
    10ft pr
    • Purist Audio Musaeus
    1 meter RCA
    • signal cable magic power cord
    4 ft
    • apature black beauty
    6 ft
    • apature black beauty
    • stereovox HDSE
    Analog IC
    • Stereovox HDXV
    Digital cable
    • VH Flavor 1
    6FT power cable
    • DCCA Powerwave
    6ft powercord
    • Audio Magic Stealth
    3 duplex outlets ,The real deal!Everything sounds better!
    • Chang Lightspeed 3200
    power conditioner
    • vpi 16.5
    record cleaner
    • DIY acoustic panels DIY
    2 ft.x 6 ft.x4 in.
    • Audio Points 1.0AP1D APCD2
    1" Points and coupling disc,Better clarity,tighter bass

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It's been fun to read your journey, I'm curious what are you thinking of to replace your Omegas? Cheers, Jim