I love this simple system.  I recently got the bug to upgrade and spent hours listening to options at the high-end stores in Manhattan - including speakers in the 30-40k range.  I did not find a single option that I thought was significantly better than my current system.   The Linn speakers get almost no attention from the audiophile press, but I think they are wonderful.

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    • Panasonic DVD-RP91 DVD/CD Player
    • Rythmik F12SE Subwoofer
    • Hegel h160 Integrated Amp
    • Linn Majik 140 Speakers

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As a long time  Linnie since 1982, I love simple systems too.  Not surprised the Majik 140 speakers won you over after listening to many.  No question, they get overlooked by many audiophiles and the audio press.  Wow, towers with a sub must love bass?

Did you get the 140's from Innovative Audio, a long time Linn dealer in Manhattan?  You certainly have lots of audio shop choices there.

I have always owned Linn electronics (I have several sets / systems) or tables but never their speakers),

Simple systems also help put the focus on the music as it should be.