Small-room, nearfield system focused on resolution, transparency and imaging realism at lower volumes.  Great synergy between the Marantz SA-10, AVM A3.2 and Focal Sopra 1.  Power-conditioning by Audience, resonance control by Symposium Acoustics, and acoustic treatments by GIK Acoustics combine to optimize verisimilitude and musical enjoyment.

Room Details

Dimensions: 14’ × 11’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Marantz SA-10 SACD / CD Player and DAC
    • AVM Audio A3.2 Integrated Amplifier
    • Focal Sopra 1 Loudspeaker
    • Nordost Heimdall 2 Interconnect
    • Nordost Heimdall 2 Speaker Cable
    • Audience Au24 e Interconnect
    • Audience Au 24 e Speaker Cable
    • Audience Au24 Se-i powerChords
    • Audience adeptResponse aR2p-TO Power Conditioner
    • SolidSteel 6.2 Audio Rack
    • Symposium Acoustics Rollerblock Jr. HDSE Coupling/Decoupling Footers
    • GIK Acoustics Corner Traps and Alpha Series Panels

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Hi 2s, as soon as I viewed the pic of your system I thought holographic imaging! I had a similar speaker set up many years ago using the ACI Sapphire mk3 speaker, it used the focal dual voicecoil driver in a slotted port alignment. The tweeter was Scanspeak 9300 if i remember correctly; this unit was used in speakers priced 5k and up (early 2000s)
I think the ACI may have been circa $1500, Audiophiles would come over for a listen and been blown away by the sound and especially the imaging. I would say 'set up wide like this and give your speakers a chance'. None would do it preferring to spend more on upgrades and tweeks. I'm positive you get a similar reaction regarding your sound.. I was using Plinius pre/power at the time. Also agree with some diffusion and absorption on the front wall can work wonders. I found Absorption on the rear wall worked best in my set up at chair was close to real wall. I currently use the GIK abfusor on my front wall, very effective, I use a similar GIK to you on my 1st reflection point. In response to DE, I think its a lack of dealer knowledge mostly . I was a distributor of audio products for almost 10 years and there were just a handful of dealers that understood anything about room interaction and set up. They tended not to be interested. Well I imagine you have long listening sessions, with a great sense of 'having the artist in the room' Best regards to you and thanks for sharing your set up.