Still working on on this system, albeit slowly, after a big leap from Hales to JBL speakers. Cabling was most recently replaced, which was a staggering upgrade from the just above entry level cables. The reduction in distortion experience between Cardas Twinlink and the Venustas was really impressive.

After a ton of REW measurements using Home Depot dollies, the speakers and the chair are positioned as good I could measure. Going to use Primacoustics panels for higher frequencies.

Room Details

Dimensions: 35’ × 17’  X large
Ceiling: 9’

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    • JBL Synthesis 4367
    They are giant bookshelf speakers with a dual diaphragm/voice coil compression driver that divides HF and even higher frequencies, crossed over in to a 15" woofer at 700Hz. Positive Feedback has a decent review of them.
    • Mark Levinson 532H
    Incredible change from the VAC Phi170IQ, which is clearly not the amp for the JBLs. I figured improved driver integration would be the main attraction, which it is. The surprise, though, was the huge advancement in imaging. I like the tone though the horn range using the VAC, but a bit of mess otherwise with these speakers.
    • Lamm Industries L1
    The best, maybe only decent description of this is Romy's from goodsoundclub.  It is quirky operationally, a little soft but really pretty sounding. Also very 3D.
    • Cary Audio CD-300 HDCD
    Bought it twenty years ago, replaced the transport. R2R...what is old is new again. Would like to get a new DAC and HD based system and keep this as a transport.
    • Finite Elemente Pagode Signature
    Yields a very fleet of foot and well paced sense of bass. Way better than a homemade MDF rack it replaced. Very well built.
    • Purist Audio Design Dominus Rev B
    I have wanted to try this specific model and revision for a long time.
    • Purist Audio Design Proteus Provectus Praesto interconnects
    Five meter from preamp to amp. Fluid was gone, so sent to Purist. They filled it with ferox.
    • Purist Audio Design Venustas
    speaker cable

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I, too, recently took a huge leap of faith and completely changed my system. Went of modern speakers from Wilson to vintage horn JBLs from the 60s. These JBLs are so musical and has an unbelievably huge sound stage. I find myself listening hours on end. How do you like your JBL synthesis? I contemplated for awhile whether to go with modern or vintage JBLs, and was seriously closed to purchasing a pair similar to yours. Which amp do you find is a good match for your JBLs?


Sorry for the late replay. The CDP/preamp rack is the Finite Elemente Pagode. The VAC amp, however, is on a Lack shelf.


hello ohlala, Are those wood shelves on the pictures made with ikea lack as you mentioned in the thread ? Thanks in advance


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