The final

Room Details

Dimensions: 23’ × 17’  Large
Ceiling: 13’

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    • SME 30
    This SME is fitted with a Graham Phantom II arm-and a Nordost Valhalla 1 tone arm cable.  Overall  the best sounding turntable I have heard
    • Koetsu Onyx Platinum
    Ethereal voicing
    • Plinius Kaitaki preamp
    I wish it had more than one balanced input
    • Plinius SA 103 Class A amplifier
    130 watts into 8 ohms, 180 into 4, runs cool for Class A
    • Linn LP 12
    With Ekos SE arm, fitted with Original Lingo and Ortofon cadenza mono cartridge
    • Moon 380D
    DAC and streamer
    • Rega Apollo
    Used as a transport with the moon DAC
    • Rega Aria
    Mc phono stage for LP 12
    • Plinius Koru
    For use with SME/Koetsu table
    • Harbeth Monitor 40.1
    In Rosewood
    • Nordost Valhalla 2
    Speaker cable, interconnect between pre and phono stage and pre and amp.

Comments 2

Love your 40.1's!  I used a Plinius SA-102 with my first pair of 40.1's, but have stuck with tube amps for the most part.  The Plinius was the best solid state amp I've owned and they really hold their value.


Great looking system Samuel excellent table/arm/cartridge and love those Harbeths! And tons of Plinius are you in NZ? Looking good and sounding even better I'm sure thanks for sharing.


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