Going to focus on the MLR and just one auxiliary room with this new system page (I ran into AG's 50-image maximum on the other page).  It'll take me some time to get everything together here.  Thorens custom TT, two awesome tube amps, Harbeth speakers, and much more coming soon.

The Harbeths have me swooning, and it's very difficult to get anything else done around here.  Spending all my time nearfield, bathed in their glow. First time with this brand.  A friend is coming over this week and we're going to A/B/X the two varieties along with a couple other recent acquisitions.

Random photos added as placeholders, for your entertainment.
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Dimensions: 26’ × 14’  Large
Ceiling: 22’

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    Added another "Stack o' Mac" because, it appears, I simply can't get enough.  For the past week I've been listening to them through my Harbeth 30.1s in semi-nearfield and the effect is simply intoxicating.  I'll write about my Harbeth excursions before too long.  But for now, I'm just listening and enjoying.  They're more revealing than I'd expected, and not dark at all.  However they're not what anyone would call brash.  They're what I'd call slightly magical.

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    IKR? Someone had to explain to me what that was about.

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