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    • Focal Aria 948
    • Nordost Red Dawn power cord
    Power cords for all components
    • Acoustic Zen Hologram II
    2m speaker cables w/ locking banana ends
    • Odyssey Audio Khartago
    Khartago monoblock amps with Kismet boards upgrade
    • Cambridge Audio Azur 851N
    • AudioQuest Niagara 1200
    Power conditioner
    • Prima Luna DiaLogue Premium

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@klaatuzero Thank you. It's everything I had hoped. Got the TV credenza at Crate & Barrel just before they went all modern. I'm with you; I prefer clean, functional, user-friendly pieces.

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Thanks. I figured since the Focals are so clear bordering on bright that tubes would be the way to go. I'm very happy with the PL. Given that the efficiency of the 948s is so high, I considered tubed mono blocks, but the Odysseys really do very well on the bass.

Ag insider logo xs@2xzyphryx