This is a System in the Sunday Vinyl Wine bar  right off the train platform at Union Station in Denver.   I will be adding the other components and photos as I get a chance.  If you ride the RTD train from the airport to Union Station make sure to stop in for a glass of wine and some tunes.

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    It is not my wine bar.  They play eclectic mix, bartenders double as the DJ's.  The entire system is sub-optimal room.  Fairly upscale crowd so I have never seen anybody even close to those speakers or amps.   Ceiling speakers are in the Bar and other end away from main system.   The TT is totally vulnerable sitting right up on the bar.  Employee told me the other day some lady rammed it with her elbo and tone arm went flying. I told them they should invest in some type of railing around the TT.   This is not Audiophile critical listening but it is good listening. Food and booze ain't bad either.