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Dimensions: 18’ × 18’  Medium
Ceiling: 12’

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    • Audio Research Anniversary 40
    • Evolution Acoustics MM3 speakers
    • Acapella Arts Ion tweeters
    modified with V cap copper caps , Furutech NCF iec, Triode Wire Labs Obsession pc's
    • Custom built turntable Teres Versus motor
    40 lb. platter with copper top. Teres Versus Idler motor,  Schroeder design wood arm, Lyra Atlas, Shun Mook feet. on 400 LB. Vibraplane table
    • Custom built phono stage 12 tube- two chassis phono stage
    Custom built---V caps, Furutech NCF  iec, Mullard 12ax7's,Tara phono cable, Triode wire labs Obsession power cords, Shun Mook diamond resonator feet
    • HK Citation 2 transformers-custom tube amps 120watt mono amps
    • Entreq Olympus
    Minimus grounding station.

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Harry thank you and wow that is awesome everything is custom built! My amp also uses vintage transformers from the 60's so I have an idea of the sound you're after. And an electron microscope platform sounds perfect for a turntable in a classic audiophile overkill sense. :)


Hi Jond, thanks for looking. I see your tube crazy like myself! Great system you have there! My amps , phono stage and turntable are all custom built. The amps use 4 HK Citation 2 transformers for the 1960's. The turntable was built on an electron microscope platform, to reduce vibration propagation. Most of my gear is either modified or custom built.


That is one serious looking system! I don't see amps listed are they ARC also?


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