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    • Rotel RLC1040
    Power conditioner
    • AudioQuest Colorado
    XLR For all surround
    • Kimber Kable KS1016
    XLR for front left and right speaker
    • AudioQuest Cheetah int
    XLR for center speaker
    • Paradigm Servo 15 v.2
    • Paradigm ADP-590 v5
    Surround front left and right.
    • Paradigm ADP-390 v5
    Surround left back and right.
    • Paradigm Adp-190 v 5
    Surround rear left and right
    • B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) HTM-1
    Center speaker
    • Paradigm S2 v3
    Paradigm Signature Series version 3 for front left and right speaker.
    • OPPO BDP-93
    Blue Ray player
    • B&K Reference 200.7 s2
    B&K Amplifier 200.7 S2
    • B&k Reference 200.5 s2
    Amplifier B&K Reference 200.5 s2
    • Classe Audio SSP-800
    Processor is Classe SSP-800.  Running 9.1 channel.
    • Kimber Kable 12TC
    For center speaker
    • Kimber Kable 8TC
    For front left and right
    • AudioQuest 4tc spk
    For all surround

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