Room could use a bit more "treatment". Moonbeam sound damping curtains are surprisingly effective in reducing "slap echo", improving overall response, and imaging.
 Dedicated 20 amp circuit for amplifiers 
 Dedicated 15 amp circuit for digital 
 Dedicated 15 amp circuit for TV

Room Details

Dimensions: 38’ × 23’  X large
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • DSPeaker 2.0
    Signal is fed to Bryston 10B sub 
    DSPeaker corrects phase and integrates bass cubes with H3 woofers, plus room correction.
     Results verified/cross checked manually with ARTA, and REW
    • McCormack DNA 125 Platinum 350hz and up
    Platinum upgrades by SMC, including upgraded Plitron transformer, and Jupiter bypass caps. Freshened up by SMC in 2016.
    Full range signal fed directly from DS2 to McCormack, which then feeds the modified H3 passive crossover.
     Best SS I've owned. Mid-highs would rather be tubed, but large room + low 2.7 ohm dip in H3 impedance prevents their use.
    • Conrad Johnson MF-2500A low frequencies 20hz - 70hz
    • Parasound 2250 v.2 mid-bass 70hz - 350hz
    • Monarchy Audio M24
    R2R 2x BB PCM63K
    '75 Reflektor 6n23p output tubes
    AMR DP-777SE (rarely)
    "also rans", that didn't do it for me, Schiit Yggdrasil, Holo Spring L3, Audio GD M7
    • Bryston 10B Sub
    Signal to Bryston fed from DSPeaker 2.0, Bryston crossover point set at [email protected] slope 
    >70hz to H3 woofers 
    <70hz to bass cubes
    • Don Sachs DS2 w/HT bypass
     A to McCormack 
     B to DSPeaker
    • Sota Star Sapphire
    SME IV arm, Hana SL cart, Nova II phono pre
    • Sony X7ESD as cd transport
    • Bluesound Node 2i streamer
    • Tyler Acoustics Highland H3 speakers
    Modified crossovers
    Sound City outriggers 
    3 degree rearward tilt
    • DIY Bass cabs 2ea, containing 2ea Peerless 830500 12"
    • Oppo UDP- 205
    • Carver Cinema 11a
    For HT, and SACD/DVD-A, via HDMI
    • McCormack HT-5
    Amp, Center and surround channels

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Really interesting looking system with some cool old school stuff thanks for sharing!


A really great system with a lot of classic equipment. It looks like it has a lot of power and drive. I'll bet your speakers play effortlessly. I've only had medium powered systems, and wondering what's it like listening to music on a system like yours. Impressive!


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