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    • Nouvelle Platine Verdier Turntable
    • Shindo Labs Masseto and Haut Brion
    • Shindo Labs Petite Latour Field Coil Speakers
    • TeddyPardo DAC
    • Auditorium 23 SUT, speaker cables
    • Music Hall Cd25 -as transport
    • Tonapparate Rack
    • EMT 997 Tonearm
    • EMT JD S75 Cartridge

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Thanks for the kind comments.
I have owned a lot of equipment over the years and have listened to even more.
I am not going to list it all here because a lot of it was/is fantastic and I would be doing it a disservice to pair it with the next comment. 
The Shindo equipment does not do everything sonically necessarily any better than a lot of other equipment.
What it does do, for me, is, almost every time I listen to it, shift my focus to the music. I do not mean it is more transparent, dynamic, PRATty, or any other adjective you can come up with. I mean it somehow allows my mind to more easily grok the music. Any kind of music. I don’t know why. But it does.


Really great looking speakers and room. I'll bet the midrange naturalness and purity is something else.


Phuarr, what a system! I bet you feel goosebumps with vocals.!


Absolutely stunning system Shindo all the way I am sure it sounds fantastic! And lovely room and your dog is gorgeous as well. Thanks for sharing I wish I could hear it. A friend has a similar system Vosne-Romanee/Corton-Charlemagne/Lafite field coils but it's been a few years since I've heard it, the system is part of a divorce proceeding.


Thanks for the kind remarks.
I have been a Shindo lover for many years and have owned a number of their pieces, including the Aurieges-L, Cortese and Corton-Charlemagne, as well as the Haut Brion and Masseto that I currently use.
I have used various speakers with them with varying degrees of success, but, for years prior to getting the Petite Latours, I used them very happily with Altec Valencias and then the Line Magnetic Audio LM755i’s.
The audio rack is made by Uwe Meyer of Tonapparate in Germany.
The record storage was custom made by a company named Urban Green in NYC.


Very nice system, must sound and looks great!
What's been your path before getting to the Shindo rig?
Where are your audio rack and records shelf from?
Best wishes for the new year :)


Very nice, and I love the dog!


This is the culmination of a number of years.


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